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  1. Bbk


    Totally agree with the above post how many of us can honestly say we enjoyed what we were seeing on the park from someone who let us not forget was supposedly used to working in a lot higher company than the spfl with supposed high quality contacts I'm sorry but I didn't see his influence in any of our games even taking into account he was working with more 'inferior' players I worried when I saw power,dicker and o'Donnell running over to the technical area and having discussions with Dyer in the first few home games because they all knew AA's tactics were s*** and there is only one man at rugby park who really knows why AA was dumped and he isn't telling!
  2. I agree let's thank jamie mac for his efforts and wish him all the best for the future and you are right about woodman being outstanding at rugby park pity it was only one game he played here for aberdeen in the cup replay though!
  3. Keep thinking of how different things could have been if he had stayed one more season with us if only he?
  4. You would be guessing wrong my original grievance at the time was replacing jamie mac who was our signed player with a rookie goalkeeper from newcastle as part of an old boys network and having seen the likes of Dan Bachmann playing for us i realise that is the type of number one we require sorry to disappoint you!
  5. Unfortunately there are many problems surrounding things getting back to normal allowing fans in to watch games social distancing before and during games and what about this when exiting stadiums afterwards ? Think there will be massive obstacles until they develop a vaccine unfortunately!
  6. Unless you've been living on the moon for the past 4 years this particular topic has been done to death by many posters on this forum!
  7. Bbk


    There will be plenty of fish in the players available sea shortly and hopefully our club can manage to land some good ones!
  8. Well Sow contributed to letting Hamilton leave with one point when he passed his penalty straight into their goalies hands!
  9. Bbk


    Think we all really know who is going to be our manager for the start of next season whenever that may !
  10. Watching the highlights of this game you can't help but wonder how many men both teams would have ended up with if it had been one of our modern day referees some of those tackles would have had them whistle happy though it was a mans game in those days.
  11. Bbk

    Ground share

    Maybe sevco have this as one of their topics for the egm next week spfl needs to be grass only ha ha!
  12. Likewise from me.
  13. Bbk


    More important things to worry about in our world at present than getting our knickers in a twist about speculation as to our managers position let's take a step back and concentrate on reality .
  14. You could ask her that if and when things are getting back to normality if the club will be looking at an easier method of selling / renewing s/ tickets for killie fans next season.
  15. Totally agree with above post he is a top player and more importantly a top person would love to have him as part of our club for as long as possible!

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