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  1. I liked what I saw from the whole team today players seemed to take on board the tactics and game plan in fact makes you kinda glad there might be this alleged dressing room clique doesn't it?
  2. Kabamba closely followed by burke,power,millen and dicker great shift by all the team to be honest.
  3. Just remember favourites don't always win!
  4. Woder if he will be phoning raith rovers about jamie mac?
  5. Congratulations to Billy Bowie for doing this we should always be thankful he has been here for our club over the past few seasons and because of his deep pockets still have a club to support and before we get the usual crap about him having gained a hotel out of it all who cares as long as the football club is still here for all of us to follow!
  6. Such a shame that our great club have been landed with alex dyer and james fowler in probably the two most important roles when somebody like yourself was ( if you believe what you are telling us) knew better than them and still profess to do so I respect your right to have an opinion that is what a forum is for but I will give my support to the two men we have in place thanks very much!
  7. Lets hope the players deliver!
  8. I agree with your logic and I think alex dyer will see a lot of sense in what you say but for this game I really worry about this seasons KB than previously particularly with his obvious lack of pace and add in his history with ceptics captain as well though I do suspect he will play for the reasons you have pointed out!
  9. Why not leave out broadfoot for this one and play both millen and McGowan ?
  10. Sorry posted on wrong post apologies to original poster.
  11. Think we are getting a bit obsessed with s/t sales in comparison to previous seasons many factors to take into consideration at present historically we have never been a club who unfortunately sells a high amount look at the title winning season for our crowds for instance. If people for whatever reason can afford it that's fine but there are many other interests for people to do today and football on a saturday may not be one of them!
  12. Looking like it's a minus for a player to have their surname beginning with the letter M for some people on this forum ie mckenzie,Macdonald and millen for instance!

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