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  1. Bobby

    Would you rather

    Wetherspoons 5 min walk from ground
  2. Bobby

    That's all for now foks

    Highlight of the season was SIR STEVIE taking charge of a wee diddy club and taking them on a roller coaster ride to the heady heights of 5 th in the table. Bringing in MULUMBU to entertain us ! PS. I still say the 0-3 to hibs was the turning point in the CLUBS fortunes,it seemed to galvanise the players and fans together . Onward and upwards killie. Looking forward to the future. Sorry for the rant
  3. Bobby

    New Directors ?

    Oops. Sorry people.
  4. Bobby

    New Directors ?

    Craig brown , sheep molesters
  5. Bobby

    Will you be buying a season ticket

    I got mine online yesterday with no problems,but it is definitely temperamental.
  6. Bobby

    Sheep home, Fred

  7. Bobby

    Sheep home, Fred

    5 players you mentioned all signed for next season. ???
  8. Bobby

    Thistle Away 7th April

    Munns IS a sh@t hole!! But it will be heavin!! The place will be ROCKIN. 150 metres to turnstiles. Get some atmosphere
  9. Bobby

    Thistle Away 7th April

    Munns is the normal one for me
  10. Bobby

    Disabled Badge Car Access

    Me too also
  11. Bobby

    Billy Bowie Daily Record

    I also got my season ticket for next season paid by the nice people at bet 365. Thank you sir Steve
  12. Bobby

    What if SSC just wants to stay?

    I remember chick urging the killie board to get the finger oot and sign up LEE MCCULLOCH on a full time contract.
  13. Bobby

    Tickets for Tuesday

    Having first can the noo, should make it on time! 4 min walk to the pie heaven. PAPER ROSES

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