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  1. Sherlock Holmes couldn't work out where this thread is going.
  2. Surely it's no punishment but a helping hand for the sheep as they have 6 players unavailable through quarantine.
  3. Bobby


    I'd give him a coaching job now . Future manager.
  4. Nord are sending my laptop for a wee holiday in Amsterdam on Saturday afternoon . Nice people.
  5. I'm Nord also . No problems with them
  6. Does anyone know if you can get the new season ticket added to last year's card ? . I pay for my brother 's (Edinburgh) every year. As he doesn't have a phone he needs a physical ticket . My phone is no use as we don't always go together . Cheers
  7. Bobby

    Biggest Coup

    Tommy burns. We were in the bottom leauge and he totally took us to a different level. No argument
  8. We need a chairman.....a striker..... a centre mid....a 3 goalies.......a left back.....a grass park ......a manager.....a hundred other things ....what will we get? I'll take suggestions. On the back of a postage stamp please.

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