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  1. Bobby

    Biggest Coup

    Tommy burns. We were in the bottom leauge and he totally took us to a different level. No argument
  2. We need a chairman.....a striker..... a centre mid....a 3 goalies.......a left back.....a grass park ......a manager.....a hundred other things ....what will we get? I'll take suggestions. On the back of a postage stamp please.
  3. Can u give me the lottery numbers for the weekend
  4. Bobby


    If that's your attitude then you probably weren't bothered if you went or not
  5. I have the toffs one, but carefully removed the badge when I got it.
  6. There were no badges on the teams 65 shirt.
  7. Bobby

    Colin Stein

    I'm only 66 and 3 quarters . Ps I really enjoyed Stein's contribution to killie. An old head and a great knowledge of the game .
  8. Bobby

    Colin Stein

    Colin. Colin. Colin Stein, the biggest bum you've ever seen . A hundred thousand down the drain cos we've got tommy mc clean .
  9. THEY also beat ross county in the cup
  10. Cheers Pompey . My thoughts also. Was looking for a better response than I have had , but it may be an age thing as davie may not be well known to the modern support.

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