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  1. Could it be Ceptic kept him out of the game. If he signed for someone else he may have had to lose out on earnings from the 2year deal he signed with them. Right up Liewells Street. Getting paid for a year on 10grand a week, think I could live with a year off, especially if a new contract may have been a lot less.
  2. Is this not why Liewell is at the front for getting crowds back in stadium because he knows it can effect his team opponent and referee.
  3. When I meant hung out to dry I meant in the media and by Scottish Government. As wee Nicola implied again today that it’s up to sfa SPFL to take stern action or she will. Sadly for most of us that will be suspend the league if football governing bodies don’t stamp down on this type of behaviour. I doubt they will penalise with points deduction but could be financial payment to teams that have done nothing wrong. Eg St Johnstone, Hamilton St mirren And us of course for putting our team at risk from perpetrators. Or ensure that when games are played that only players available on the original d
  4. Cover up begins. Sky Sports News reporting that ceptic unaware he was in Spain until after the game finished. Convenient that?
  5. Can I blame spell check? Or lack of contact from my teacher during lockdown? What about my school being downgraded? only joking should read post prior to sending when in a rage!!
  6. This may be the case however sg guidelines are clear 2 weeks self isolation on return. Book should be thrown at him and if ceptic knew about this before playing him yesterday he should have been illegible and therefore we should be awarde 3-0 victory.
  7. If they don’t take it serious you could see government step in and shut down football. It’s obvious that despite being given special dispensation to get football going again that some of the players don’t understand the implications of their selfish behaviour or are just too thick to understand. i fully expect Ceptic to issue a full apology to us for putting all our players and staff at risk due their players self centred ignorance. Don’t think I’ll hold my breath waiting though!!
  8. As the dons players were hung out to dry (rightly so). I expect all media sources to have the same reaction to Bolingoli and more severe reaction from Scottish government on this. It’s quite clear that a return from Spain 2weeks self isolation. Dont care if he’s had 2 tests that are negative.
  9. It’s not very often that i agree with the great unwashed south of Symington but step forward Lauchlan Cameron. He wants to play home and away each season. And not base leagues around 4 Glasgow derbies each year. Reconstruction for the good of all not just this season. (Death threats on the way no doubt from some sections and media meltdown) sorry can’t upload stuff not young enough to know how. See Daily Record app for full story
  10. Most of us would like to finish the season but the main reason EPL is doing it is money as a quite few of there top and middle teams would disappear. SPFL can’t afford to the costs. I read somewhere around £200,000 to test for all players, officials and safety team Etc. per match not including isolating teams in hotels etc. the first week of SPFL would be what ceptic get for winning the league?
  11. Thank you I was just about to have my dinner. I now have the dry boak.!!!
  12. Do they? Have they been advised they might be saved by reconstruction of the leagues? I think there is a lot to play out in this farce Strange that they withdrew the threat of legal issues and so did hearts and Budgie gets on the task group. Smells fishy. Could be 11-1 vote may not be required as this is not normal circumstances. It’s Scottish football so nothing will surprise me. What would Pess me off would be temporary reconstruction. If it’s not at least 5 years they can get tae.
  13. Listened to sportsound today when “statement” came out. First thought was here we go again rankers don’t get their own way and a whistleblower gives them information and start throwing accusations about. second thought was why did the whistleblower contact rankers why wasn’t it anybody else,Hearts ? Why didn’t they go to media and blow off the doors of the whole spfl with this information.? all of this could be cleared up very quickly from Dundee, rankers and SPFL just show the proof!!!!!
  14. Summer football is the way forward for Scottish football for a lot of reasons already mentioned but as usual there are 3 reasons it won’t happen. how do we get round world cups and euros. As the weggie checks would moan they would lose their better players and would be at a sporting disadvantage. Glasgow and Edinburgh rugby manage it every year at the six nations. with champions league and Europa league continuing playing through the winter. That would put the weggies at a disadvantage. The Scandinavian countries manage it. the most important The SFA and SPFL haven’t got the ba6

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