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  1. Monty1998


    Don’t think it has the same effect as it used to since the new maker changed recipe. White bottle cap was 70-80’s version of Buckie. Blue cap is rank!!!!!!
  2. Monty1998

    Celtic thread, Fred

    Had to laugh at Pat Bonner getting it large from frank beaties finest. Keeping his earphones on kidding on reading notes and Michael Stewart pissing himself. Another high point in an excellent day. now for some beer and watching the full match again..
  3. Monty1998

    Celtic thread, Fred

    Brown owned by Jones. Pat on the head as he was going off priceless!! hopefully we get the credit we deserve. Fantastic performance by all players. 5 times in a row going away from riggers with a smile. will this dream never end!!!!
  4. Monty1998

    Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    Yes we are in the next round. Poor game spoiled by dire Ross County team trying to spoil the game. Think Power was very good and comfortable on the ball. Dicker solid as per. Liked O’Donnell going forward rest of defence not really tested and never looked under pressure. Clean sheet. Can’t ask for much more. if someone could provide the words of the song that was sung it would be appreciated.
  5. Monty1998

    Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    First paragraph. No. regular since mid 80’s. Most seasons at least 5 away games also.season ticket early 90’s . saddo? Because I don’t have the same opinion as you!! Must be great to be you. I haven’t heard it until today. Must’ve been games I missed. Yes f@&k Sevco. Ps I got a wee badge as well.
  6. Monty1998

    Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    Apologies to you my aged friend. In my time at Rugby Park it’s the first time I’ve heard this and probably not alone in this. you are correct the tune doesn’t belong to sevconians but to quote a fine gentleman with an affinity to Ayrshire. ” o wad some power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us”
  7. Monty1998

    Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    Agreed. Don’t care what words are the rest of Scotland won’t see the difference. Am sure we have plenty of smart musicians in our support who could come up with better. We have 2/3rds of biffy clyro regular visitors, the lads from last years men, the boy who was played at half time today. instead of some tribute act to the bigots songbook..
  8. Monty1998


    Surprised it took as long they’ve been crap since he arrived. Expect to see him back at swinecastle with hi “mentor” greetin face Levine.
  9. Monty1998

    The big fish

    Well done big Connor for his double today at Queens.
  10. Monty1998

    Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    I heard this as well sounded like” I was born under an onion jack”. Not sure of alternative lyrics if any. Please let me be wrong!! Could be slippery slope!!!!
  11. Monty1998

    Interview with Clarke and Boyd

    Good to see manager and player having a laugh together. Bodes well for positive feeling around the club at this time. liked Boyds comment “ don’t give a toss “ about other folks views on his opinions and Clarke sniggering.
  12. Monty1998

    Hamilton Away - Postponed, Frozen Pitch

    ground staff arrive and start working at 7am with volunteers according to gstaff. hamilton punter tweets game on ? Gstaff response clearing snow 12:34. 5 hrs and pitch still not cleared yet? hamilton contact ref to carry out pitch inspection done at 5:10 according to ref. Gstaff confident pitch ok. Almost 5 hrs since pitch ok? Ref another inspection at 6:15 pitch still covered in snow in areas according to onsite bbc pundits. Game called off. Ref says pitch slippy in areas and player safety paramount. Correct call 4th official agreed. Then comments about earlier inspection he didn’t have a crystal ball to know if the weather would improve in an hour. What??? Sorry but 5 year old knows when it gets dark in winter it gets colder. Especially since it barely got above freezing all day. players tweeting work only started 15 mins before pitch inspection? Someone’s lying?? Gstaff?? Martin canning says pitch slippy in some areas but better than when they played Ross County. So that’s ok then it’s the refs fault!! Pictures just prior to kick off still areas covered in snow/frost. Gstaff gutted game off after official response. Aye you’ve just cost you club in the region of 50 grand cause you sat on yer fat Archie most of the day. gstaff post clear pitch at 9:47 around which time the game would nearly if not finished? Why is it relevant.!!!!!! :- Conspiracy NO :- utter incompetence by Hamilton YES most likely due to leaving it as late as possible to clear pitch due to staff costs or lazy baskets.! :- incompetent Ref YES. Winter weather does not improve at night if it’s freezing all day in an hour. Call off the game at 5 and most fans and likely players would not start their journey. :- Spfl response. Shoot happens! We will have a behind close door investigation and conclude “You are not one of the infirm so we don’t care. “
  13. Monty1998

    Hamilton Away - Postponed, Frozen Pitch

    As willie miller and chick were ripping Hamilton a new one about the late call off, chick mentioned that grass will be laid at rugby park this summer at the request of SC.
  14. Monty1998

    Ballboy Yesterday.

    Hope Santa leaves an extra something for this wee comedian. Said on another post nearly wet myself with laughter on seeing this and the seethe from the unwashed. Pricelous!
  15. Monty1998


    If he is on his way out? How much are we due? International player now. Think in the region of half a million would be reasonable or if premiership or championship nearer the 1 million. if rankers are in the picture do they have the cash? If not they can feck off.? Even if they do have money? up front with large sell on fee. Disappointed if he felt this was a logical next step. it is a step back under their current situation and they aren’t the pull they once were!!!!

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