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  1. Came to say this - exactly the type of passes the first team needs....hope its not a one-off.
  2. The same one that seems to often laugh/scoff on social media at the Scottish clubs who made him (not just us). Appears to forget where/what he has come from IMO. He seems arrogant off the park because of what he has achieved, which to be fair is pretty impressive due to his severely low footballing ability/brain. There genuinely will be many (many) better footballers than him at junior and amateur level who just haven't applied themselves. I would go as far as to say that he is the perfect example of why modern football is rubbish. All this and I've actually nothing against th
  3. Seeing the person doesn’t deal with experts I assume they must be contacting engineers or labourers to get their tattoo?
  4. Come away aff it, yous know its much more complex than this. Care homes decision was a shocker, and as much driven by a sh!tey infrastructure in passing from NHS to private healthcare as any, but to then make these types of sweeping statements shows that we are rocketing back to the "I'm alright Jack" approach. All these grand ideas on how we might try and live better in future given the glaring changes in the environment etc since lockdown....but nobody gives 2 sh!tes because they know better. I know I'm being overly idealistic in opposition to the above, but its the general p
  5. How about the low transference rate of the virus among practising health professionals, who come in direct contact with infected people daily wearing masks?
  6. Maybe so, but after a couple of appearances, and if Killie were trailing and he was to come on - that feeling is the very definition of 'meh' for me!
  7. It's short-sighted in the extreme to state that Scotland need these clubs. Short-term? I can see that investment would be poor - but our 'product' has ever-decreasing value anyway. Punt them both to England, go 2 leagues of 18 or 20 without them, and after suffering a few years of 'Sevco-lite' Aberdeen winning most things, we would start to get a real levelling within the league. If we went March -October (or however the months work out), we can afford to get rid of more plastic pitches and have a product with a USP for Sky and BT - a sellable European league that allows them to sc
  8. Alan McInally. Should've been a great signing...was decidedly 'meh'
  9. Bring on the riddies.... Stevie Murray. Absolute pantomime player, loads of fuss around him - cant remember a single telling contribution to a game - and played loads for us. Rhian Dodds, Danny Racchi and Gary Harkins were all the same. I'm not even excusing Harkins the cup final because he was such a waster every other game. I love a technical player and these guys had the ability (less so Racchi), but what is the expression...."all fur coat and nae knickers?"
  10. Absolutely this, and yet he escaped criticism again last night! I'd honestly rather have a decent-sized traffic cone in his place. Kenny McLean was awful too, was like having one of those bouncy things from a pinball table in the middle of the park. Fleck got unfair criticism IMO, felt he at least tried to be positive but nothing came off. Marshall solid and Dykes looks a good target man. We just need someone playing close in to him....A fit Naismith or Brophy would be ideal.
  11. I've seen this somewhere before....and remember what happened last time the team "couldn't see each other?"
  12. I'll be honest first replay of the goal I thought Rory was trying to clip it for A Kabamba header at the back, but this pic...zero doubts. Great goal - and I was happy to see a Killie player get genuine enthusiastic praise from pundits. Would like to see more of Iwelumo as a pundit - seems a good lad.
  13. SOD is a cracking technical footballer, much better then 90% of our current squad in terms of ability. Recent work-rate and application? admittedly very poor. Classic 'mind on the big move' cliche. He'll have to work for his move in 6 months so I bet Well get a great player out of it and he really fits their squad. Guaranteed scorer against us too, you just know it.
  14. Probably as much a reflection of not competing in the same financial bracket as anything else.
  15. I think/hope he'll be our next manager and think he'd offer us a solid team the fans will appreciate, and could be about for a good 8-10 years. When that will be though is entirely down to AD's ability to turn us around. I genuinely hope he can. Such is is popularity I don't think there are many that don't want hims to succeed - but we can't wait too long. Dicey few weeks ahead.

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