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  1. Massive amount of racism between "different types" of Hong Kong Residents now airing itself properly. I see many parallels with Scotland's struggle with bigotry, our relationship with rUK, and the resulting self-hatred that comes into play. "Mainlanders" from China cited as the villains, but plenty intolerance between proper "Hong Kongers" and "BBCs" too (British-Born Chinese). That's not even including all the long-term remaining expats. Just shows that people love a label wherever they are from. I really fear for Hong Kong. It was the best place in the world to be, but not because it was anything to do with Britain - but because the opposition in values and beliefs came together and just worked.
  2. McInnes is playing football manager - looking up on his transfer filter and offering everyone that's out of contract a deal regardless of whether they fit in or not. He even did the cheat move with Stewart and took over Birmingham to get Stewart recalled so he could bid. Classic Champo move - first class c**t.
  3. I've a feeling he'll end up at Motherwell now....no story behind it or anything - just a change of scenery that's close by and a similar level.
  4. Agreed. I think most Sevco would happily lose their club again in the subsequent summer to end Celtics (justified) domination. Losing their club means nothing to them now. Call me paranoid, but it seems that they are run as a collection of companies now that I'm not even sure its possible for them to die again. Liquidate one company and two more shall take its place...Hail Hydra
  5. Agree - not a chance we're starting on the 1st August
  6. Ok I'll judge for some riddies....I'm pretty certain a decent percentage of those who request refunds are the same type of person as the one I saw on FB last night, with chat such as "I've put money onto Killie for 50 years, but I'm not paying £400 to watch on the telly, I'll put my money into Darvel from now on". (I bet he has Sky or BT Sport) Good for Darvel mate. Bet they asked for money back. Many people are well off because they are tight. I think it's far more likely that people who could really use it risk putting themselves in financial hardship but won't ask for money back, while the penny-pinchers demand everything that's due to them.....using that classic justification "its my money and I'll decide...."
  7. exact type of signing we should be going for. On form (or was before we closed down), should be affordable, and a good age. Should be offering him a performance-based 2 year deal to see if he can make the jump
  8. Not for me as I've never liked their home colours -but you've got to be happy with that if you're a Well fan. Classic looking kit, good kit-maker and a sponsor that is purposefully not featured on the home kit - brilliant.
  9. oaft that would be horrendous as a full kit.......lets have it!
  10. Yeah, they weren't the nicest kits - but the away kits were at least different - the orange was just unfortunate and obviously due to the particular company sponsor. I just genuinely think there could be good mileage in continuing to give the sponsor additional permissions with the away kits in return for restrictions on the home - even if they then choose to run some sort of fan competition to increase engagement with their brand
  11. No need at all if there's been any personal comments (I'm not doubting it -it's social media, I just haven't looked). No need ever for personal attacks on positive contributors to our club. With regards to the kit, I've not said anything here about it, but the first thing I thought was that the sponsor was overly big - but its been rightly pointed out we've had other large sponsors. I think with there being a lot of white space on the logo that makes it look bigger. Some criticising the orange in the QTS kits - it was in their logo, so its a similar argument. I've always thought that the best way to have sponsor involvement would be to make them have a monochromatic logo on the home kit so that its not 'interfered with', and then let the sponsor have a big say in the away kit - allows us to have variation and still let the sponsor have a big say and maybe some media coverage if they do it well (I'm thinking the Queens Park Irn Bru away kits, or something similar to that Pescara kit that's gotten loads so much coverage and is selling globally) I love our navy kit from this season - think its a peach. I do like this new kit too, even with the logo appearing big....I'll certainly buy one for me and the wee man.
  12. An 18 and a 24 would do me - no split, no nonsense - its good enough for 99% of leagues around the world so why do we think were any better? Spain have some absolute sh!te in their top league and we don't hear folk complaining about that Bin the league cup Revisit the Scottish Cup to create a season-long tournament with a groups at the start - but with everyone in it - lets get some variation in who we play each year and get some guaranteed income for smaller teams. After a first round though, straight knockout for several rounds to the final.
  13. Surely there's not enough 'gun states' and bible belt to get him the overall win by themselves though? I've noticed a lot of similar language used by Trump and BoJo in their speeches - Boris is smarter/sneakier though - wont be caught out saying anything as blatantly 'dictatory' as Trump does....so we'll creep towards it, with any significant bills hidden behind Covid/Brexit stuff - they are the perfect smokescreen
  14. I also think there's an interesting issue in all of this.... There are 4 nations in the UK, each managing their own response - why then in lockdown are there no border controls where there is a difference in policy? Is it because politically it cannot be done as it would represent a concession by the Tory c**ts towards independence at the expense of public health? I don't want the Cummings crew coming up to Scotland when we have a stricter policy in place - it makes a mockery of everything that devolved governments put in place.
  15. lolz. wow. The UK has failed. Of that there is no question. We (the UK) are a disgrace in this. But politicking always takes precedence doesn't it? UK when we're winning, Scotland when we're not - and the opposite for mad Nats. I like to think that most people are somewhere reasonably in the middle, and with the capacity for rational thought towards solutions rather than a blame culture.

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