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  1. I'll be buying a cutout to help throw some money to them. Always liked Wigan, mainly as they play in blue and white stripes. https://fansfromhome.co.uk/process/Products
  2. Whoever it is, they're fast. Billy Whizz?
  3. Genuine question, why wouldn't you trust Bill Gates? The guy has dedicated his life for the past decade into finding vaccinations for diseases that kill hundreds of thousands every year. It's not like he's Elon Musk who throws money at whatever the moment calls for in search of adulation, calling anyone who does it ahead of him a pedo
  4. Retweeting the video of the man shouting 'White Power'?
  5. muh muh Jeremy Corbyn, muh muh IRA
  6. Flat-earthers seem more like lonely people looking for companionship than anything else. Too many of them have disproved themselves countless times but still refuse to accept reality. Ridiculing them doesn't help, there is a great documentary on Netflix about it. The danger comes from people who believe things like Qanon or pizzagate and convince themselves to become heroes by showing up to the pizza restaurant heavily armed to liberate the children supposedly locked up in the basement.
  7. Wow... Know that people love you, and when you are ready to come back to planet earth, they will be waiting. Or, keep an 'open mind' to the Qanon theories that Clinton is satanic and eats children. Whatever floats your boat. There's a difference in questioning what I see and believing, or refusing to disbelieve, bats**t internet conspiracy theories that have been debunked time and again. Facts are facts, nothing can change them.
  8. If you are referring to Biden's picture with Robert Byrd, you are wrong. He was never 'leadership' and had long since denounced the KKK years before the picture. Even if it were true, it's interesting that you point to this while suggesting that Trump isn't a White Supremacist,. The Clinton body count is the stuff of Qanon conspiracy. Next you'll be talking about pizzagate and Bill Gates planting tracking chips in COVID vaccines.
  9. It's founded in the fact that he is packing the courts with conservatives in an effort to make abortion illegal
  10. You have been presented facts that it isn't
  11. Whoever produced this knew exactly what it meant and who it was for. Trump's official page and campaign have paid to sponsor it too
  12. As mentioned before, it tends to be in players' heads. I've been playing on astro for a few years now and can't say I've noticed a difference. Don't take this the wrong way, but injuries do occur more often as you get older. My hip isn't as it once was, but I'm not blaming astro, I'm blaming being older, bald and a bad posture.
  13. Remember when people said the comparison with the nazis was dramatic?
  14. It literally doesn't. Anyway. Bryson would be worth offering a contract too
  15. Demanded proof, got proof. Still no happy

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