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  1. 2 points dropped for Arbroath. We may well win the league, but it is going to be a long season
  2. That Alston 'freekick'..... wow
  3. until he has one or two bad games then we will abandon him.
  4. We're about, what, 5 games into the season and you're suggesting the keeper is a better option up front. Absolutely thrown him to the wolves
  5. Sticking by our young players I see. Nice
  6. This is a position we need to be used to being in. We are not in a position to dictate transfers or offer fees that make other clubs sit up and take notice. We need to wait until the end of windows to confirm signings from clubs, and hope nothing comes up to scupper it. We also can't really have 2 or 3 lined up, in case others don't come through. This summer's business has been good. We will sign another striker on loan and we will be looking good. Absolutely no reason to panic just now
  7. They lost the pen, which set us back 1%
  8. Wish I could take the time I spent reading the past 7 pages back. Alas
  9. Tell me about it. These comments are incredible, even for Killie fans
  10. 5 mins to go, 1-0 down, at home, and we have our backs against the wall. Not good
  11. Cameron is playing with absolutely zero confidence. We are in serious need of a striker or two
  12. Genuinely, how can Scottish referees be so consistently bad year by year and nothing be done about it? It's embarrassing