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  1. Doesn't matter if he 'didn't mean it', but any Killie manager saying he's going home happy after a DEFEAT needs chased. That is tinpot stuff
  2. I'm guessing you didn't watch him at Derby?
  3. Would Bryson perhaps be the number 10/Greg Stewart type player we could benefit from having? He played further forward at Derby than he ever did for us
  4. At least Celtic will win 10 in a row. That's all that matters in Scotland, right? We are somehow going backwards as the rest of the world progresses
  5. Looks like the logo Lroy was using on the stuff he was selling, no?
  6. Build the team around him, extend his current deal. When we play to his strengths, he is unplayable
  7. Great result and performance. Monkey is off our backs, hopefully we can kick on. I think I'm more delighted at the clean sheet than the 4 goals!
  8. What a signing Kabamba has been. Great finish, never in doubt
  9. I like Rossi, he's lost the ball a couple of times, but for a 19 year old he's fairly clean on the ball, bags of confidence too
  10. Signing of the summer. Easily