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  1. Dons were fouling and holding players at every opportunity. How they went that whole game and got one yellow card I'll never know. Total disgrace.
  2. Killied


    Guys a breathe of fresh air and always surprises with his quality. Very eager to get involved and chased everything. If we could extend his contract would be great. Brophy seemed to have a lot more confidence and opportunities today as well, always plays better with someone else up with him.
  3. Terrific read and a testament to the club, supporters and boozers in Kilmarnock.
  4. I've herd there is mafia pressure to keep mouths shut that's why it's radio silence.
  5. What exactly is Fowlers remit? The latest statement from the board sounds very Levinesque.
  6. Totally agree, this is what has been most worrying. Regardless, he has been appointed now and we need to get behind him. Hope that he can "shake things up" as he said in his interview.
  7. They can prove us wrong.
  8. Totally agree. I'm struggling to believe the board are actually handling this so badly. Communication is key is times like these and we've had the removal of a manager with no explanation, rumours of player revolts, playing games managerless with no statement of intent of what we are doing about a replacement. It's really poor and I'm disappointed in the board.
  9. Wtf is going on with the board just now. Complete s**tshow, no explanation of why AA was sacked and then no statement of intention about a plan for a new manager. Wtf kind of club is getting run here. Starting to get totally raging.
  10. Are there no additional tickets being sent? I'm also looking for two tickets, already got my bus booked!
  11. Spotted at Morrisons petrol station. Bought a Costa.
  12. Shareholders, tik, season ticket holders, walk up fans and everyone else deserves more than a few lines...
  13. We at least deserve more of a statement than what has been provided...
  14. Killied


    Maybe all the premiership teams fans should boycott all away games until the SPFL introduce 20's plently. Plan this for next season due to commitments with current supporters clubs.

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