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  1. langlands_killie

    Accies at home

    It did throw me to be honest lol
  2. langlands_killie

    Accies at home

    Am I delirious on our success or is that a washing hung out near the edge of that ‘main’ stand right hand side looking at picture
  3. langlands_killie

    John Fleming

    The treatment we seem to receive compared to others will only strengthen us as a team, supporters and club . It certainly makes me motivated. The more successful we are the more it will piss off the sfa and refs, bring it on about time someone stood up
  4. langlands_killie

    Growing the Killie Family

    Great stuff Sandy
  5. langlands_killie

    Bus for Ibrox

    See you there mate
  6. Alan power for me been consistent for weeks but never got my vote. He would have got it today minus his goal
  7. langlands_killie

    Kilmarnock Poppy Pins

    Just ordered 2 and a fancy crystal brooch to keep the wife sweet lol
  8. langlands_killie

    St Mirren Away

    And you got mine mate ktid
  9. langlands_killie

    Support today

    I didn’t hear any sectarian bile where I was. Great atmosphere created
  10. langlands_killie

    Support today

    Support was fantastic yesterday. Great atmosphere and loving it after so many negative seasons
  11. Great team performance, close but Stewart for me. Terrorised murderwell all afternoon
  12. Chris Burke for me but a special mention for Tish superb day
  13. langlands_killie

    Catchment Area

    Ive been flying the flag for us in East Kilbride for 25 years and I have in recent years seen a few more killie stickers in cars than before . EK not far away by car in terms of time. Btw did chance a few beers for hearts game so got public transport £9.50 return to EK
  14. langlands_killie

    SSC and Kilmarnock charged by SFA

    Shameful don’t like little old killie standing up for itself . Feck the sfa . It’s ok though the game is just fine as doomcaster and co are creaming their pants the old filth are back together running the show.
  15. langlands_killie

    Stephen O'Donnell

    Congratulations Stephen please stay clear of any heavy challenges

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