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  1. langlands_killie

    Bet Fred second round draw

    Cheer up Stevie g ofgtf
  2. langlands_killie

    The Kris Boyd appreciation thread

    Pulled us out of a hole today and not for the first time
  3. langlands_killie

    East Kilbride

    Ek just got woodwork
  4. langlands_killie

    East Kilbride

    Tiny park inside the country park built by ceptic fans the keans
  5. langlands_killie

    Its a long long way to ?

    Lurgan for me as well
  6. langlands_killie

    Ross Millen

    Aye and no long throw into the box either without SOD . As an aside JJ always seems better with Taylor behind him . Think the resting of these players really stopped any creativity also bearing in mind the midfield with McKenzie looking like the player under L mcC not SC
  7. langlands_killie

    Cathy Jamieson Update

    Thank you Cathy proud to be a contributor to TIK hopefully moving to make the club and fan base as one no one is more important than any one of us as the statement goes together we are stronger
  8. langlands_killie


    Great news if true
  9. langlands_killie

    Watch This Space

    Thanks mate Baz has sent me info so now got it
  10. langlands_killie

    Watch This Space

    Nope not got could someone enlighten me please member of the trust and tik
  11. langlands_killie

    Watch This Space

    I’ve not received anything yet
  12. langlands_killie

    George Maxwell

    Great interview
  13. langlands_killie

    Would you rather

    Oh dear looks like thistle are heading down
  14. langlands_killie

    Get well soon Tommy

    Get well soon. Ready to go for next season. Best wishes for a speedy recovery
  15. langlands_killie

    Phyllis McLeish

    Hope the shirt has a fetching big white panel on the back then

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