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  1. langlands_killie

    Watch This Space

    Thanks mate Baz has sent me info so now got it
  2. langlands_killie

    Watch This Space

    Nope not got could someone enlighten me please member of the trust and tik
  3. langlands_killie

    Watch This Space

    I’ve not received anything yet
  4. langlands_killie

    George Maxwell

    Great interview
  5. langlands_killie

    Would you rather

    Oh dear looks like thistle are heading down
  6. langlands_killie

    Get well soon Tommy

    Get well soon. Ready to go for next season. Best wishes for a speedy recovery
  7. langlands_killie

    Phyllis McLeish

    Hope the shirt has a fetching big white panel on the back then
  8. langlands_killie

    sellick away, Fred

    Great result ktid
  9. langlands_killie

    Tonight’s games

    Is it not really nice having the pipe out and slippers on at this time of the season. Nae pressure. Thank you SSC
  10. langlands_killie


    I seem to remember the attitude and lack of urgency etc were highlighted by mk fans when on loan there. Simpson is raw young but looks willing to lift it and work and learn
  11. langlands_killie

    Will you be buying a season ticket

    Renewed mine today. Girl in shop said quite busy with new first time buys so to speak
  12. langlands_killie


    Totally agree renewing mine next week
  13. langlands_killie

    Will you be buying a season ticket

    Yep will be just like the last 24 years. This year it will be a joy to get it as opposed buying one out of blind loyalty lol.
  14. langlands_killie

    Season tickets

    Wonder if the st roll out includes contacting existing holders directly bearing in mind short timescale for first early bird offer for those oldies not on social media . Btw i think increase is very reasonable
  15. langlands_killie


    Anybody heard how bad his injury was yesterday getting treated at full time. Noticed as i was trying to calm down after Logans antics

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