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  1. My thinking is that the current circumstances will be a major ‘leveller’ in the league. Celtic alone aside, not a great time to be a big club with usually dependable big walk up and season ticket income, with large squad of contracted highly paid players. The usual budgets to sign the best free players, or pay fees will be massively reduced. Whilst our income too will be down, hopefully we can compete better in the market by having a relatively small squad and committed wage bill now. We may be able to secure and retain players in this window normally beyond our reach.
  2. Blinkers. Oh the irony.
  3. Baz for chairman...statesmanlike as always. Thank you.
  4. As an interesting parallel Dundee United paid us £150k for Robbie Muirhead not so long ago...don’t think they (or we in terms of sell on) got a return for that sadly. He is still only 23 tbf. Now at Morton. Still time for him maybe.
  5. Dorrans made available by Rangers....now fit apparently. Thought he’d be a big player last year...thoughts?
  6. If you are tight for time away, we’ve gone for x3 Ryanair Edinburgh to Budapest 1935 Wed pm arr 2335. Drive Belgrade Thu am 3.5 hrs motorway. Afternoon Belgrade, pm game and overnight. Fri am head back to Pest, flight 1625, back in Edinburgh in time for tea. No airport connections etc. Simples. See you there people.
  7. Is tomorrow Livi v Dundee the first game where both managers are 97 Killie SCP winners? Or was there possibly a St Mirren v Dunfermline or v Falkirk or QOTS fixture featuring these guys and maybe Gus? New challenge for the statos...
  8. KevinS

    Give it Jig

    Gary Holt please. Lee has kept the ship steady but has a lot of learning to do, better gained as an assistant somewhere I feel. Hasn't demonstrated enough tactical awareness/ ability to manage a game, or react to opponents nullifying our game plan. Would have a concern he has not demonstrated he has distanced himself from being 'one of lads' aka Locke, to taking more difficult decisions around having an alternative to Boyd (hero, but now done, sorry) or Smith. Lee's been given plenty opportunity and support from the board but for me hasn't made the most of it. There are so many candidates out of a job just now, who are far better connected to access players and connect with the fans. Not just nice guys. Which brings me back to Gary Holt. We have nothing to lose by giving him a go. And <potentially> everything to gain.
  9. KevinS

    Gary holt

    He did a great job at Falkirk, chose to step down from Mgr position to deepen his experience and network at Norwich, now available Killie legend with tattoos to match. If not now then when? Bring him on.
  10. KevinS

    Gary holt

    Please bring on Gary....

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