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  1. That makes sense. I wouldn't be either in that case.
  2. I thought or home kit was supposed to be 'bespoke'? It's the same as Beith Juniors and Oldham Athletic only in a different colour scheme. I don't actually mind the fact that it's not bespoke. I mind the fact they told us that it is, when it's not.
  3. Ironically, the tweets which you're referring to seem to be coming from an Aberdeen fan who also watches/supports Wimbledon. For a bit of balance...
  4. I'd be interested to hear an update but yeah I agree - we should be matching if not bettering Motherwell's numbers. No reason not to.
  5. Aye that's it. Just one disgraceful thing. The only disgraceful thing any Man United fans have ever been involved in, if that's what makes you happy. As I say, this is like watching the old firm (when that was a thing) arguing amongst themselves. It's almost the definition of burying your head in the sand, the fact you've convinced yourself this is anything other than that is scary.
  6. What planet you on fella? United fans turned up outside their star player's house masked up in balaclavas with a banner that literally threatened to kill him because he considered joining a different football club. That's just one off the top of my head, this is literally like watching celtic and rangers fans having digs with the other trying to claim sort of innocence, it's sad that you don't even realise it. Yer heed is buried firmly in the sand.
  7. Cheers folks, ideal. @Killie alan I'm not entirely sure but I think the SLO is on here or perhaps someone has an email address who can assist?
  8. Got mine today. How do I go about accessing it easier on android rather than scrolling through my emails or files and having to search for it? Sorry, very lazy I know. Just sure there'll be an easier way somehow!
  9. Bryson has been awful for Aberdeen every time I've seen him at RP. No thanks.
  10. Met him a couple of times at Rowallan Castle golf club, although this was 3 or 4 years ago now. Introduced himself and came across as a right decent bloke. Wish I got a round in with him!
  11. Good to get the appointment in fairly early. The big thing for us will be the playing staff we have available going into the first game of the season and indeed at the end of any transfer window. It's where we've came up really short recently which has made it difficult for both Alessio and Dyer. In real need of some good quality business so that we've got plenty options available to us.
  12. Agree with this. Many of these historic buildings and statues will contain a horrible back story to them, but i don't necessarily think tearing them all down is the right answer to it. Education, absolutely. It starts with statues, does it end with knocking down the colloseum or the pyramids? As beaker says, every country will have its history and some of it won't be proud. I'd prefer to see us educated on it though so that future generations learn about how countries were built and not only taught one side of the story.
  13. Just about every major organisation in the country has diversity quotas which they must meet these days. It's inevitable that because of this, positions will sometimes be filled for diversity reasons rather than simply being the best person for the job. Positive discrimination they call it. Is that ok? We live in a country which is overwhelmingly white, its understandable if not obvious that this would reflect in employment. I'd guess that in Nigeria or Mali for example, that most of their top roles will be filled by people amongst the black community. In China or Korea, it would be the Asian community. It's natural, not racism. Edit - should add that if persons of colour fit the necessary criteria for these roles and are applying and carrying out the same processes as everyone else to get there and are being rejected purely on their skin colour, this of course would be racism. Is this the case though?
  14. Get doon and shut up, Hearts.

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