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  1. Dieter's Heeder

    Opinions needed Derek McInnes

    Aberdeen play turgid football and bottle it in any given big game. Their record against Celtic and even since their new club formed, Rangers, is embarrassing considering the decent enough squad they have. They do have some record against us though and they're most definitely our bogey team of the last few years. I'd avoid in your position. Your caretaker seems to be doing well enough? Good luck in promotion next season.
  2. Dieter's Heeder

    Red Bull Rangers

  3. Dieter's Heeder

    Mo Salah

    Mental, Silva's been the player of the decade in that league. Iniesta type standard...never received anything like the credit he deserves from the English media though. Based on this season alone I don't think anyone can say Salah never deserved the award. He's been phenomenal.
  4. Dieter's Heeder

    Mo Salah

    De Bruyne, Silva and Hazard all ahead in that respect for me, although he's having a fantastic season.
  5. Dieter's Heeder

    Season tickets

    'Zebra Finance offer a five month and 10-month payment plan. Email info@kilmarnockfc.co.uk for more details or visit The Killie Shop or Killie Zone for an application form.'
  6. Dieter's Heeder

    Pass, pass, pass, pass

    'Nothing special'.
  7. Dieter's Heeder

    Ronaldo's Penalty.

    Well nobody said this and in any case it has absolutely nothing to do with anything but good for you Chris.
  8. Dieter's Heeder

    Ronaldo's Penalty.

    He's probably in the top 2 players called Ronaldo, I'll give him that.
  9. Dieter's Heeder

    Ronaldo's Penalty.

    3. Tremendous. GOAT. I don't actually believe anyone who says this is being serious with themselves.
  10. Dieter's Heeder

    Pass, pass, pass, pass

    We'll agree to disagree almost entirely in that case then as I thought City players stuck in well and were winning tackles all over the pitch in the first half last night. Every time Liverpool's front three got near the ball they were surrounded, saw Mane in particular on the deck several times demanding a free kick, Fernandinho the stand out player in that regard. The game changed when Liverpool equalised and it was effectively over from then, as such heads went down.
  11. Dieter's Heeder

    Pass, pass, pass, pass

    I think you're being way overly critical. I don't think there was any hunger or desire missing, as I say it's fine margins and Liverpool defended well and got the benefit of the refereeing decisions on top of that. You'e correct in a way, but it would have been interesting to see how the tie would have developed had the major decisions been awarded correctly. City were the team in the ascendancy before Salah scored the first, all be it they then went to pot for 20 minutes or so afterwards. They were also in the ascendancy before Sane's goal was chopped off, both decisions had major knock on effects on the rest of each game and were major setbacks at vital times as far as city are concerned. In any case, the damage was compounded by City's complete inability to break down a good Liverpool defence, particularly when 3 down at Anfield. Andy Robertson and Alexander Arnold at the other side were first class, and it only bodes well for Scotland that Robertson is performing in that way.
  12. Dieter's Heeder

    Pass, pass, pass, pass

    99 times he might, but it wouldn't make it the right decision, not much in it at all but I can see why it would be debated. If VAR (which I'm not a fan of btw) was in force - the first leg alone could easily have finished 2-1 instead of 3-0 (Salah offside, Sterling non penalty)...and tonight City would certainly have had another goal. I don't think the challenge on VVD would have been overturned.
  13. Dieter's Heeder

    Pass, pass, pass, pass

    It's a game of fine margins and City weren't able to cut Liverpool open enough in both ties, and also got shat on by the officials in each leg - and the derby in between.
  14. Dieter's Heeder

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Can't see that one happening just yet but I'd absolutely love Bryson back. Excellent player and I'll never understand why he's not been a lot more involved in the Scotland team.
  15. Dieter's Heeder

    What’s our new target for end of the season?

    As mentioned on this thread... I agree entirely with Cammy. I was calling it a run back in December time, even that was a bit prolonged. We're a good side and I've absolutely no doubt that our players will be looking at Hibs and thinking we can catch them. Watched their game against St Johnstone on Friday night and all be it they had a man sent off early doors they looked quite lucky again, they've been battered off a few teams recently including ourselves and survived with a decent result but that sort of luck can't carry on forever. 6th place is an amazing achievement for us, as we've already secured that we should be playing with absolutely no fear or pressure.

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