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  1. 16 year old girl in France dead with no known health conditions. Every now and then there's real scary reminders of how this is affecting people who are on the face of it amongst the young and healthiest in society. Not that it's any more horrific than the thousands upon thousands of elderly and people with health conditions still losing their lives, but it does show how violent the infection is.
  2. Some of the folk getting hold of tests are Bizarre. Ross McCrorie despite admitting he's showing absolutely no symptoms. How is he getting a test? Is it simply the case of having money or is there more to it than that?
  3. Travel restrictions in Hubei province of China being lifted today. Wuhan still restricted until 8th April. Good news, be interesting to see how that situation develops.
  4. I read an article from this guy in the Financial Times. He seems to suggest that research at Oxford University is suggesting that this virus has been in the UK for longer than we've known and that a much larger range of the population have been asymptomatic, or had a prolonged case of the sniffles or a cough closer to January and February time and simply put it down to a cold. The article then brings the question of herd immunity again, suggesting it might be possible but that antibody tests are pivotal to confirm or dissprove the research. Interesting, and I want to believe the report is correct but we'll need to wait and see. It still recommends social distancing at the current time to relieve the stress and pressures on the nhs but believes that restrictions may be able to be lifted a bit sooner than imagined.
  5. Sorry folks. Don't like to think I've contributed to the spreading of fake news. There's so much of it out there but here was me thinking a tweet directly written by (as opposed to just retweeted from a random account) an MP of a fairly high profile status which contained statistics that it was trustworthy enough of being accurate, putting my thoughts on politics to one side. Appears it was wrong (hopefully!).
  6. A scary, scary twitter thread. By the end of it, suggests that even with full suppression in force. Lockdowns, quarantines, school closures worldwide etc, global immunisation (eventually) - that this is life for 18 months.
  7. Read yesterday that €50,000 worth of facemasks were stolen from a lorry delivering to a German hospital. Unbelievable, and repulsive that there's a market for stuff like that. Best of luck both @Zorro and @fraz65your updates are interesting and I'm looking forward to following them through to the day they start to become a bit more positive, however long that might take.
  8. Scary that there's so many consequences behind every decision that gets made. That sounds a good idea on the face of it, I'm sure there are counter arguments to that too though I suppose.
  9. So who's to look after the children of the NHS staff which are busier and required more than ever? Not having a dig here btw, just pointing out that I don't know what the right and wrong answers are in all of this.
  10. No brainer, voted yes. Hopefully see a big push by the trust, tik and contributers in getting people to sign up over the next couple of months.
  11. If it's any consolation @cammy2012, I had the same thoughts as you when rumours started surfacing of players not taking to Alessio as early as Largs or Inverclyde or wherever the pre season stuff was before Spain. I didn't believe a word of it because I didn't want to. I asked people for evidence and sources but when they weren't named, I dismissed them as rumours despite them growing as time went on and more and more people saying the same thing. Of course, that could have been true and this could be garbage. But as I've said previously, I've heard much the same as what @mitch14 has posted. It's from a close friend of a member of the Livingston first team squad. Believe it or don't, I'm only passing it on because it's a messageboard and he's being discussed. I was first told about it early last season when Clarke was our manager, I've asked about it recently and told its still the same approach. None of it might be true, part of it might be true, or it all might be true. Believe what you like. On a different note, and this is just my opinion which would make all of the above a moot point in any case - whether its Holt or Martindale running the show I'd still have my doubts when I look at their record. Definitely punching above their weight so credit where its due but I just don't see it as the obvious choice as some people do. Awful away from home (like us), been on runs of 8 without a win earlier in the season and 4 at this point, out the cup to a championship side. It's a dream scenario for a Killie legend to come in and succeed at the club, I'd love nothing more than for that to happen. But at this point I'd have concerns and there's certainly nothing that makes him the clear standout candidate as some are suggesting.
  12. I was meaning the points don't matter part. I never saw a single bit of the game yesterday so I'm in no place to comment on it. Just feel that the 2 Aberdeen games and Hibs after a decent wee run of wins there were still major signs of improvement from the s**te we were watching pre winter break. Points certainly do matter though. A statement that we're playing well or defeats being deemed as unlucky shouldn't be taken as meaning that the points don't matter. As stated elsewhere though, I had hoped that relative decent performances in these games would turn into points eventually, starting at Hamilton. That it never happened is more than a cause for concern.
  13. Agree with Bullitt. Too many questions about Martindale's involvement and too little answers. They've punched above their weight this season but really struggled away from home and a recent cup exit to Inverness would have had this very forum in uproar.

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