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  1. See Spain are recording 156 deaths yesterday and 239 today. Any notion that these stats aren't rising alarmingly is sadly just that, a notion. The UK a few weeks behind.
  2. The numbers in the elderly being infected are rising. All be it, slowly at this point. But the issue is that there's only so much spread possible within the community before the young people begin to take it home to the more vulnerable amongst us. As @RAGsays, there's always a lag with the cases rising and hospitalizations and the rest of it. I watch the numbers coming in fairly closely and as I say - there is a noticeable even if small rise in the elderly age group beginning to become infected. The same could be said for ICU and deaths, of which we had decreasing figures (ICU) for a long time
  3. So even if he does start winning games, he's still not good enough cause your bus thinks so. He really is on a hiding to nothing.
  4. I've seen this sort of thing posted before and it goes no way in explaining why hospitals began to become stretched and death tolls started rocketing to way above normal levels in March time. Especially considering all the big indoor family get togethers around the festive period, you would have thought January would have been a terrible month if this were in circulation at that stage. Seems implausible to me.
  5. No personal details required, no need for GPS to be on at all times, just Bluetooth. Seems pretty decent but will see how it goes.
  6. And the rest of the world who are involved in the same pandemic as us. I'd understand your criticism if Scotland were in some way a unique case and the rest of the world were getting on fine. Most governments in the world are on a hiding to absolute nothing, and that would be the case regardless of any realistic alternative who would be calling the shots.
  7. I don't know how many games of fitba I've either been to or watched on telly where the goalie tries to put a striker off before he takes a penalty, plenty of times involve laughing and joking. I don't know about any of the after dinner speech stuff, first I'm reading about that is right now, but I wouldn't read too much into him laughing and joking with klos before the penalty was taken as anything to go by. What I can say is that it was a really piss poor penalty.
  8. Don't know if it's just me but I felt right sorry for Tyson during his time here. Tried so hard, came so close but it just never really happened for him. Mark O'Hara
  9. Probably a mixture of everything, with the addition of people becoming a lot more relaxed about distancing regs when they shouldn't be. I know Sturgeon has now mentioned a few times about house parties and people getting too close together in pubs. Feels a bit of a case of giving us an inch of leeway and some have taken a mile, contributing to the issues which we're now facing.
  10. 3 deaths in Scotland today, first time that's been the case since the start of June. New cases on every health board across the country, first time in ages. Hospital patients up another 11, another patient in ICU, now 6.
  11. Yeah @Bonbon19, agree with the better treatments and to some certain extent in society social distancing will continue to remain prevalent, so the death toll may not reach AS bad as it did earlier in the year. That being said, I think we'd be naive at this stage to suggest a "second peak" of some sorts isn't too far round the corner. It's just about minimalising that as much as we can.
  12. It works, and I've watched it. I wondered where it was going until the end bit when he said "we'll see much lower mortality rates because the community is now more robust". I get what a casedemic is and I get why it might eventually become one. But the very fact that hospital cases and ICU's are now slowly but surely beginning to rise in France and Spain (amongst other countries btw) pretty much debunks his entire theory. I note the tweet was dated the 1st of August, the picture has changed quite a bit since then.