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  1. Get doon and shut up, Hearts.
  2. Some football fans are becoming more and more extreme in their views, especially when they're of a negative persuasion. Some of the s**te I've seen directed at SOD is completely OTT.
  3. Correct. I didn't want Alessio sacked either. I was then initially unhappy when Dyer was awarded the 6 month contract after poor performances against Motherwell, Rangers and a horror show at St Mirren.
  4. Did it? So if he was subbed then we would definitely have won? I'd have taken him off too FWIW, but pinning the blame on Dyer here is reaching and it's just to make it fit your opinion. The only thing you can say for certain in that game is that our best defender completely lost the head at a crucial time and cost us dearly. Dyer wouldn't have got a single bit of slack if Findlay didn't dive in. That's why nobody questioned Steve Clarke making the same type of changes almost week in week out, but Dyer is fair game it seems. Just a side note, can't believe with everything that's going on in the world I'm still on here ranting about THAT bloody Aberdeen game, lol.
  5. 'Nothing less than a dereliction of duty' and 'Dyer cost us the place in the cup'. Utter hyperbolic nonsense.
  6. I'll reserve judgement on this until we see the details of any deal. If its a two three year deal I think it's fair to say its not been merited. However, if its the case that we as a club gave him our word that he would be here until the end of the season prior to the current situation, I can see why giving the guy a bit more time to judge would at least be considered the respectful thing to do. He's been good for us as assistant, giving him a deal to the end of the season then that deal being cut premature due to horrendous circumstances and automatically giving him the bullet wouldn't paint us in best light. The devil will be in the details of this deal imo.
  7. Good news: Antibody tests validated! Bad news (I think) : They've realised that under 40s diagnosed who had mild symptoms didn't actually develop antibodies and the virus was killed by other cells in the body. Now unlikely to be immune.
  8. Him talking about knowing Seoul 'better than anybody' during a corona conference then talking about it having a population of 38million people when it's actually 38m above sea level is peak Trump.
  9. That's a horrific, scary prospect and one which I sincerely hope doesn't come to fruition. One thing I've heard over the past week or so is when talking about the 'peak' in deaths or new infections, people saying that Scotland are a week or so behind the rest of the UK as Scotland didn't get its first case or death until later. I can't fathom why that would matter when talking about the peak, shouldn't the peak for the entirety of the UK still be at the same time - give or take a day or two - the only difference being Scotland will have a much lower toll due to shutting down at the same time when we were earlier in the infection rate if that makes sense.
  10. Yeah interesting stuff. It's clear that the more time each of us can avoid this the more research into various aspects can be done and hopefully in turn see better treatment methods, medication and the rest of it.
  11. Fully agree. Medics learning, as are scientists and those trying to develop treatments.
  12. I see Nicola Sturgeon has said that there are absolutely no signs that things will peak up here in the next week. ICU beds are filling up fast. Depressing news but at least it's honest. 684 dead in the UK over past 24 hours.
  13. Yeah, just wondering if anyone knows about the discrepancy between some of those figures and the ones from worldometer. Worldometer seems just as in depth if not more, but if they're figures aren't accurate it's probably not worth my time browsing.
  14. Doctors are being told that, as the coronavirus pandemic spreads, they will face "agonising choices" over who gets potentially life-saving treatments. The British Medical Association has issued ethical guidance for those working on the front line. The professional body says there needs to be an urgent public debate about the issue in these "unprecedented times". It warns that despite "heroic efforts" to boost capacity, the NHS may be overwhelmed. The government has ordered thousands of ventilators to help ease the pressure on hospitals caused by the coronavirus crisis. These, along with specialist life-support machines called ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation), will be needed for the sickest patients to aid breathing and, when possible, save lives. Deciding who gets what care Doctors have to make difficult choices about treatment in their everyday practice, but the coronavirus outbreak means they will have to make life-death decisions more often and sometimes based on capacity rather than just need, the BMA is warning. The guidelines say: All patients should be given compassionate and dedicated medical care, including symptom management and - where patients are dying - the best available end-of-life care Nevertheless, it is legal and ethical to prioritise treatment among patients. This applies where there are more patients with needs than there are resources available. When resources are too scarce and choices have to be made about who to treat, doctors are urged to consider: Severity of acute illness Presence and severity of co-morbidity Frailty or, where clinically relevant, age The BMA says managers and senior doctors will set "thresholds" for admission to intensive care units - the places where the most sick will need treating with ventilators. By itself, infection with coronavirus should not guarantee priority for treatment, it says. Patients whose "probability" of dying, or requiring prolonged intensive support, exceeds the set threshold would not be considered for intensive treatment. They should still receive other forms of medical care, says the advice. A SIMPLE GUIDE: How do I protect myself? AVOIDING CONTACT: The rules on self-isolation and exercise LOOK-UP TOOL: Check cases in your area MAPS AND CHARTS: Visual guide to the outbreak VIDEO: The 20-second hand wash Dr John Chisholm, chair of the BMA's medical ethics committee, said: "The headlines are stark: a 'tsunami' of Covid-19 patients moving inexorably toward London's hospitals and then heading to the rest of the UK. "Despite heroic efforts to increase supply - and reduce demand - there may come a point where the pandemic will simply overwhelm intensive care beds, ventilators, ECMO life-support. "As all working on this know, guidance, essential as it is, does not preclude the need to address these enormously challenging ethical questions. "Guidance can indicate how to proceed. It cannot stop the choices being brutal or relieve decision-makers of their moral distress." He added: "Looking ahead to the coming weeks, if hard choices are required, we know they will be contested. There will be anger and pain. "People who, in normal circumstances, would receive strenuous treatment may instead be given palliation in order to favour those with greater likelihood of benefiting. Nobody wants to make these decisions, but if resources are overwhelmed, these decisions must be made." Medical ethicist and barrister Daniel Sokol said: "While the guidance highlights the ethical issues and dilemmas doctors will face, it will leave some puzzled and perhaps frustrated about how to apply the principles in practice. "The guidance recognises that a challenge may be that large numbers of people requiring intensive care are likely to be equally suitable for it. "But it doesn't give a clear answer to how doctors should select among this large group."
  15. Quick question for anyone in the know. Heard a lot of people talking about and using the worldometer site for information. Any idea if it's reliable? Figures for Spain today for example seem different from what the BBC is quoting, but don't really know at this time which is actually more reliable than the other.
  16. Certainly for the next few months. Hopefully by that point its at a much more manageable level.
  17. 16 year old girl in France dead with no known health conditions. Every now and then there's real scary reminders of how this is affecting people who are on the face of it amongst the young and healthiest in society. Not that it's any more horrific than the thousands upon thousands of elderly and people with health conditions still losing their lives, but it does show how violent the infection is.
  18. Some of the folk getting hold of tests are Bizarre. Ross McCrorie despite admitting he's showing absolutely no symptoms. How is he getting a test? Is it simply the case of having money or is there more to it than that?
  19. Travel restrictions in Hubei province of China being lifted today. Wuhan still restricted until 8th April. Good news, be interesting to see how that situation develops.
  20. I read an article from this guy in the Financial Times. He seems to suggest that research at Oxford University is suggesting that this virus has been in the UK for longer than we've known and that a much larger range of the population have been asymptomatic, or had a prolonged case of the sniffles or a cough closer to January and February time and simply put it down to a cold. The article then brings the question of herd immunity again, suggesting it might be possible but that antibody tests are pivotal to confirm or dissprove the research. Interesting, and I want to believe the report is correct but we'll need to wait and see. It still recommends social distancing at the current time to relieve the stress and pressures on the nhs but believes that restrictions may be able to be lifted a bit sooner than imagined.
  21. Sorry folks. Don't like to think I've contributed to the spreading of fake news. There's so much of it out there but here was me thinking a tweet directly written by (as opposed to just retweeted from a random account) an MP of a fairly high profile status which contained statistics that it was trustworthy enough of being accurate, putting my thoughts on politics to one side. Appears it was wrong (hopefully!).
  22. A scary, scary twitter thread. By the end of it, suggests that even with full suppression in force. Lockdowns, quarantines, school closures worldwide etc, global immunisation (eventually) - that this is life for 18 months.
  23. Read yesterday that €50,000 worth of facemasks were stolen from a lorry delivering to a German hospital. Unbelievable, and repulsive that there's a market for stuff like that. Best of luck both @Zorro and @fraz65your updates are interesting and I'm looking forward to following them through to the day they start to become a bit more positive, however long that might take.

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