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  1. I love your proposal but the Old Firm (and TV) want 4 matches per year. You could have a 14-team league, play each other 3 times (39 games) and have a local derby as the 40th game giving the Old Firm their 4 matches and then you can have St. Mirren-Kilmarnock, Hamilton-Motherwell, Hibs-Hearts etc. I'm not sure about a split (I don't know why we need a split) but I think a 14-team arrangement needs to be permanent and not 2 years or 5 years. I'm indifferent about leagues below the Premier, but perhaps 12 in the Championship and 12 in League One? I think 40 teams now is too many. The Rangers proposal is pure self-interest and I hope we vote it down.
  2. I despise 99% of agents...most of them should be locked up.
  3. Kilmarnock vs Hibernians then...LOL!!
  4. Well done Kenny; another trophy to add to your collection!
  5. terrycanuck


    Happy to see him back in the Scotland squad.
  6. I hope they win the Gold since Canada is out. Not a very good tournament for Rachel Homan.
  7. Deepest condolences to the family at this time. I always looked forward to seeing Sandy's photos. RIP Sandy
  8. It was down to Foran and the 7 year-old for the job. Foran said being made the assistant was not good enough, so the board gave in and signed him to be the manager on a 4 year deal. The other finalist could still be around if Foran fails...but he'll probably be managing East Stirlingshire by then.
  9. What a start; just what we needed!