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  1. Largely very good news hope the Motherwell game can be rearranged for cup weekend. How ironic if we WON 3-0 but any any win will do!
  2. Why on earth could a conclusion not have been reached tonight (it probably has) the panel must have been armed with all the necessary "facts" but no let's drag it out some more. No doubt readjourn for another jolly with plenty of top quality drinks and catering lavished on the brainless wonders to finally reach a decision that I bet has already been made.
  3. Probably drinking all day and pissed when making a decision.
  4. Followed by a rousing edition of aha's cry wolf Followed by a rousing rendition of AHAs Cry Wolf
  5. Brophy own goal gives us the win that or a missed pen in shoot out!
  6. Met him once at hospitality and sat next to him during game. An absolute gem of a man and will never be forgotten.Condolences to his family.
  7. Hope something is sorted asap or as Private Frazer in Dad's Army used to say we're doomed!
  8. Trying to perfect the big punt up the park in readiness for Wednesday trip to For Park
  9. Massively uninspiring interview says he cares greatly for the club but so laid back doesn't seem to grasp how close to a big relegation fight we are. Soul destroying stuff
  10. F off miserable day YET again Board must do something!
  11. BBC Alba better move delayed transmission to 9 o'clock we don't want to scare the kids!
  12. Forfeit 3-0 to Livi to spare anymore misery will be likely feeling sick enough on boxing day!
  13. We are not lost we will find ourselves in the championship very soon unless..........
  14. Dyer can go as a Christmas Present