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  1. Form carrying on from last season given its Celtic next we better get the finger out quick or it will be a long season battling relegation.
  2. Fowler from the keeper!? Can now only hope!
  3. Fowler from the keeper!? Can now only hope!
  4. All of the above but especially Coleraine and CQN but the 2-1 loss to Rangers in the semi was a bitter pill as they showed the "goal" from various camera angles and NONE could prove the ball was over the line but that effin linesman could see through a sea of bodies and award the goal a la Russian linesman in 66!
  5. I was not born in Killie but my mum had huge amounts of family scattered through Ayrshire going g back to the late nineteenth century.I have only that loose connection to Kilmarnock but I didn't choose Killie my heart did!
  6. Was there with hun supporting friends no segregation as said good day but horror ending season with that game against Falkirk! (Although we have repaid them many times since!)
  7. That was a great day! Was there with my brother in law who actually knew Ian.
  8. Looking forward to the book(ings) at 6ft 4in could be useful back up goalie a la Gus!
  9. Maybe we will just have to park the pram!? Hopefully one for s(quads)!
  10. At the rate we are going some fans will be there they will be playing!
  11. It will be bloody brilliant! A ray of sunshine in these gloomy days!
  12. Robin the bank to get Batman back. Hammer horror if he ends up at any other Scottish club.
  13. With no football on just now I have been on you tube watching some memorable highlights. Also watched Steve Clarke's emotional speech after the Rangers game for the umpteenth time would bring a tear to a glass eye! Just wonder if he is still giving some "assistance" to AD would be nice to think so! That was a great day up there with 1997 and 2012.
  14. Talking of insanity did anyone see the white Killie programme which was a double header for Rangers Reserves on 31 Dec 1949 and Ayr Utd on 2 Jan 1950 sold for £431.00! I think I have one of those issues v Allow but can see Ayr attracting the higher money esp as we won 4-0!

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