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  1. Does anyone know what the track was that was played before kick off v ICT
  2. Feeling lower than a snakes belly this morning (don't know why I was surprised by the outcome felt inevitable really!) Absolute clear out required but have little optimism for future feels like the 1980s again. Was trying to think who TW reminded me of and it was Jim Clunie! Looking for some sort of bold gesture from the board as some kind of a pick us up effort but won't hold my breath.Off now to listen to some Leonard Cohen.
  3. Don't know if Killie is having the same weather I am 30 miles away and the rain is battering down and it feels anything like May!
  4. Gone far too young RIP
  5. So are you thinking play off or do you think SOD and Well might four a massive favour?
  6. Been looking at odds to finish bottom Hamilton 1/3 Ross County 9/2 Us 13/2 What do they know that we don't!?
  7. He knew the size of it when he came (sorry!)
  8. This! Best we can hope for is p!ay offs unless Ross County slip up.
  9. Really expected much more today (can't think why) but even if we get out this mess don't think TW is the way forward. Utterly depressing holiday weekend bet the "players" aren't giving it a second thought.
  10. Almost resigned to it If they don't care that's the way I am going
  11. With the other two ahead can't afford to lose but really need the win
  12. Utterly deflated after the high of last week was dreaming of Europe snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Can only hope we now stay up.
  13. Before Kyle was dreading no expecting relegation all of a sudden there is a chance to dream! KTID GO!
  14. ¡Had to pinch myself this morning that like Blondie I hadn"t been Dreamin"! What a night one more round like that and we will be safe!
  15. This could be a brilliant night!
  16. It's getting better and better! What a relief just keep it going!
  17. Surprise surprise mail now reporting proposal set to be kicked out.No wonder the arrogance is unbelievable! You were so right KillieAlan!