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  1. can you get monthly International Subscription if residing in the UK?
  2. It was very funny watching a hiding hun and his daughter alone sitting quietly while the rest of the Moffat Stand were in rapture after Brophy scored tonight
  3. Are the highlights/ goals on anywhere yet?
  4. I m not a Brophy fan, got to admit, today he was excellent however. Maybe it's just having another striker to play alongside. Between him and Rory vying for MOM.
  5. I've seen him more than twice unfortunately and am not impressed either
  6. Assume they mean 6th December?
  7. Though Rory and Power both played well. Not a great fan of Brophy, but even before he scored I thought he was excellent a constant threat and always looked dangerous. The goal just sealed him as MOM, hope he keeps this up.
  8. I totally agree that we should give DT a chance from the start instead of Brophy, we have been a man down playing him recently. Thomas may not be a centre forward but the amount of goals we have gotten from Brophy recently suggests he isn't either.
  9. This is absolute nonsense. We had more shots on target today than we have had since the start of the season. I would keep Sow in, more effective today than Brophy has been in a while. Think we were unlucky not to have had at least one of two goals today, BBC had Ross County's goalkeeper as MOM
  10. please go there then ya complete diddy ××le