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  1. If it increases by 1 it's worth doing
  2. I honestly think it's more that sections of our support expect us to win every game in this league. I was embarrassed by how quickly our fans turned on the team on Saturday. Players like Haunstrup and Alston were in my opinion negatively effected by the crowd in the 2nd half. They weren't playing well to begin with but we don't exactly help by booing and getting on their backs every time they make a mistake.
  3. So in the EPL you can predict which 4 teams will be at the top, and in Scottish Championship this season its 5 teams, and that's your proof we're in the toughest league in Britain? There's about 12 teams in the English Championship who could get promoted this season. To win the EPL you need to have the best squad of players and the best manager in world football. In our league there will be games we're playing a severely depleted opposition, either through a covid outbreak or injury crisis. On the other hand, there will be weeks where our small squad will be hit and we'll drop points with a makeshift squad. But I'm not having it that this is the toughest league to win, or get out of in Britain.
  4. Hmm. I think I see what you're getting at but the EPL is the hardest league in the UK, followed by the English Championship.
  5. Is there a maximum number you can purchase?
  6. Spot on. This was confirmation we had a rotten element within our dressing room. TW has addressed this quickly by getting rid of every one of them at the first opportunity.
  7. Demanding more from the team is not negative. Being critical when winning ugly is not negative. Most importantly, being negative doesn't necessarily mean you're wrong. Boy was I negative about our performances last season.
  8. So you'd stand beside a black man with his family new to the area at his first Killie game and shout "BLACK BASTURTS" at the top of your voice without a flicker of doubt in your mind that it might be perceived as racist? For me it's not about causing offence, it's about the PERCEPTION of racism. Ayrshire already has a reputation for being a bit backward in this area and I for one would like that reputation to change.
  9. I was voted down but the first part of my prediction was spot on. I'm still confident on the second part too.
  10. I'd be delighted if we all agreed to change it to clatty!
  11. I can see one of the cheeks applying for and being granted a full house for the first possible game after 9th (I believe Rangers play Malmo on 10th). If social distancing is no longer in place, not sure how this'll be turned down. After this happens once, all crowds will be unlimited.
  12. What makes you say that? I was thinking Easter Road would be a possibility on the back of today's announcement.
  13. I remember at Tynecastle a few years ago there was a black player who wasn't in match day squad sitting in the away end, possible Mikael Ndjoli. When that lyric came up, folk round about either didn't sing it or looked very uncomfortable singing it. Fact is, in this day and age the lyric is unacceptable.
  14. There will obviously be season ticket holders who can't make it on Monday for whatever reason. Some will pass on to friends, family etc but some won't. If we get a crowd of circa 3000 on Monday night with no attempt by the club to offer remaining tickets in a general sale it can only be seen as another failing of the club.
  15. I don't think anyone's going to disagree with that. However, the last two games have concerned non season ticket holders in that even when there was surplus tickets, they were not offered in a general sale. Hopefully not a precedent for the season.
  16. Certainly seems that way considering hundreds of unsold tickets on Tuesday. General sale or even giving Morton a couple of hundred would have made sense. The problem is only putting tickets on sale a couple of days before.
  17. Surely remaining tickets should have gone to a general sale?! I live too far away to commit to a season ticket but would have been up for travelling through this evening.
  18. Does anyone else think leaving it down to local authorities, and clubs bidding on a game by game basis, is a ridiculous way to do this?
  19. Crucially, we have several leaders in the squad this season. Last season had had none.
  20. Cup final, going by the reaction of some on here
  21. Thing is, maybe even Chris Burke isn't convinced he could be brilliant this season. I can't see him moving elsewhere but I can see him retiring this summer.
  22. At his best he's a top 6 player, so yes. We've just lost Greg Kiltie and need someone with quality to replace him.
  23. There seems to have been a collective mindset shift in society over lockdown that means you have to be positive about everything, all of the time. It's not just in a football context, but certainly noticed it in certain conversations with fellow Killie fans. I totally agree with the original poster, we should be under no illusions about the task we face next season.