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  1. Giving AD the next 6 league games would, probably, be the most sensible route to take ( transfer window shut, so squad finalised and played everybody once, so league position a fairer reflection of 'where we are')........ I feel certain that the board will afford him this but, if things continue as per, could it then be to late to save our season?
  2. Watching Utd v Celtic the now, from what I've seen so far imho we will lose to them next week
  3. Sorry troops...... it was working for first 5 mins then just audio
  4. Poor game today between, imo, two bottom six teams. Very little creativity from either side but thought, prior to the red card, we were going to grind out a win.......going to be a long season
  5. Just wondering (apologies if this has already been asked/answered)....... when you renew your season ticket via the email sent to a desktop, what do you receive as proof of purchase and would get you entry to games?......In the past have renewed 2off adult tickets,in person, and got 2off plastic cards that get scanned to gain entry (obviously not an option at present).....havny got a smart phone either that, I presume, gets scanned at the gate.....Cheers.
  6. ....... if we wanted to secure top 6 football....... present squad and management team are not good enough to achieve this imho.
  7. You reap what you sow...... threadbare squad, with no sign of youth being given a chance, ........ Manager not up to the job (if he actually wanted it in the 1st place)...... and a board that seems to think everything is fine........
  8. Same old, same old as far as subs/fresh legs....... f**kin frustrating to watch but, sadly, predictable.
  9. 100 % Agree....... but , sadly, don't think it will happen.
  10. Imho our squad is not strong enough to achieve top six this season...... but I'll gladly be proved wrong.
  11. Spot on, canny fault the starting 11......... the problem is our squad is lacking depth and quality, that is the reason we are out the cup(would have won in normal time if the squad had more depth, allowing timely substitutions, imho).
  12. Hibs game and last night Dyer should have had fresh legs on earlier imho......problem is, as our squad is so short on numbers and quality(in attacking positions mainly), he probably feels pressured to keep his 1st eleven on as long as possible......but imho that's what has cost us dear in the last 2 games....... think the change in fortunes is mainly down to the return of SF and going 2 up(even without a creative midfielder) but if we get any injuries/suspensions we will struggle big time.
  13. Hibs were the better team in the 1st half and we were the better team in the 2nd........ difference between the teams was the quality of hibs attack minded players to ours..... probably a draw would have been a fairer result but, as has been said repeatedly on these forums this season, our squad lacks the depth and quality required to compete at the top end of the table currently.
  14. And yet AD brings on Kiltie and then Broadfoot, leaving the boy warming the bench........... Agree 100% about giving youth a chance, especially as it is the only way forward for provincial clubs like us.
  15. Our 2 best players, Findlay and Burke, not in squad....... fingers crossed we're still in the hat the mora
  16. Totally agree, if not, the 'infiltration' will probably remain an issue.
  17. Don't imagine that Gary Holt would be interested in managing at Championship level............
  18. Nothing to do with pinning our hopes on a youngster with almost no 1st team experience, just thought it would be better to have him on the bench(if fit) than a loan player who has almost no 1st team minutes for us...... your right though, we're in trouble
  19. Just wondering if Connell is injured? If not, surely he should be on the bench rather than St.Clair who is a loan player.
  20. Great to get through to the next round so comfortably...... very impressed with Kyle Connell when he came on, SF makes a huge difference to us and what a cross ball CB can deliver
  21. And 3 are on loan to the end of the season I think........
  22. Was talking about our present squad, as it stands today..... imho we have one of the poorest in the league.....I expect a fit GK to certainly improve our options creatively wise (like many folk on here) but, unless things change in this window, the rest of the season will be a struggle.
  23. Agree 100%...... present squad not good enough to stay above bottom two places imho