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  1. Just renewed 2 adult season tickets (me and ma boy)..... he was telling me that one of his pals (who has been at a few games with us over the years) has purchased, for the very first time, a family season ticket for the Moffat..... every little bit helps KTID !!!
  2. Excellent......at least we've got a keeper under contract now!!!
  3. Agree 100%....... imho disgraceful decision by the club if this transfer goes ahead.
  4. Made my day there..... till I got to the last sentence!!!..... would love to see Connell and Brindley re-signing (more so than Burke tbh) as they are at the 'right' end of their careers. Having said that, the younger players could do worse than try to emulate his dedication and professionalism.
  5. Think he said players would be back on the 18th of June so, ideally, offers should be accepted/removed no later than Thursday.
  6. Seemed to be deadlines on Millen,Pinnock,Lafferty,Kiltie,Broadfoot etc.....surely Connell,Brindley and Burke need to be told 'sign or leave' asap (would like to see them re-sign but club need to look at the bigger picture,as you say, could be stopping moves for potential targets).
  7. Only waiting on Brindley, Connell and Burke now.... would defo like to see the two youngsters re-signing as, IMO, youth set up has been neglected for far to long.
  8. Driven by maximizing season ticket uptake IMO..... It is refreshing considering the almost news blackout previously. Would imagine, to uphold the boards promise of unchanged budget, that season ticket uptake is of paramount importance and good communications will be crucial to achieving that.
  9. Not unexpected but at least we know where we stand regarding 1st team squad. Personally would like to see Connell, Brindley and Burke re-sign (perhaps player/coach role for CB). Should free up a fair chunk of the budget and allow TW and Co to complete our squad in a timely manner. 😁
  10. You won't be alone in doing so.
  11. TW mentioned a youngster who could replace Mulumbu on the bench, wonder who that could be........ didny realise that younger players were still an option at Rugby Park.......
  12. All, imho, valid points/questions....... the Kiltie/White issue along with TW true feelings on all things Killie, would be very interesting indeed.
  13. " As for the £100k investment, it doesn’t seem to have given the Killie Trust a say in how the club is run. They seem to have a seat on the board but nothing beyond that "....... and there in lies the problem and, imho, why the uptake in trust membership and TiK is not comparable to other Scottish clubs.
  14. " Change is needed. I probably wouldnt move on any of 3 of them - they all seem to have their pros. But this last season or two has made it patently obvious that the board needs to be expanded. New faces are needed. People with far more football knowledge "....... This, imho, is crucial for the club going fwd but, as mentioned above, the present board need to be willing to embrace the changes required.
  15. This is exactly what I was thinking during the game last night.
  16. Spot on....... imho, if TW doesn't have a plan B tactically and persists with the same starting 11 as last night, Dundee will get promoted on monday.....as many have said, the tie should have been over last night but amazingly we're still in it.....
  17. First statement of intent I'll be looking for is the list of players no longer at the club next tuesday, no matter what division we find ourselves in...... imho this will have a major part to play in season ticket uptake numbers for 2021/22.
  18. Agree with most of your post..... my point is simple, imho, the way to maximise fan participation in TiK and Trust membership is to dangle the carrot of eventual fan ownership through them..... if that is not an option then I can't ever see us competing with the take up at the previously mentioned clubs. As it stands, it feels like the board are carrying out a box ticking exercise by giving us a fans rep on the board, in exchange for a regular supply of funds from subscribers...... BUT with no path to ever having a real say in the clubs future. Just my opinion, and many of you will disagree, but I just can't see us ever competing with the 'fan owned' clubs and their supporters funding without a change in our clubs present business model.
  19. We can't compare ourselves to Motherwell, St. Mirren, Hearts and Morton....... they are fan owned or soon will be (fans being majority shareholders)...... to my knowledge, a similar outcome has never been discussed/possible at Killie.
  20. Nearly every team I've watched us play this season have had promising youngsters playing for them.......if our club don't try and replicate this asap, imho, we're only going to continue down the slippery slope we're on at present 😞
  21. Seems like Motherwell, Hearts and St. Mirren are, or soon will be, owned by fans (through majority shareholdings)........ who knows how Killie fans would respond if a similar proposal was put to us.
  22. Agree 100%....... more focus on bringing youth through HAS to be made a priority at a club of our size..... only way forward imho.