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  1. Were the single colour backs brought in, in order to aid the legibility of names and numbers for match officials? I think celtic were none to chuffed at having to interrupt the hoops at the time.
  2. I had the AT Mays version of that shirt. Very nice. Was my first ever Killie shirt
  3. Need to finish the current european competitions first. Everyone could always just pause everything for a year, and pick up where we left off next March. Seeing as that's what Euro 2020 & the Olympics have done.
  4. Julie Felix discussion https://www.killiefc.com/forum/index.php?/topic/9789-julie-felix-discussion-split-from-celebrity-deaths-2020/
  5. Paul Wright - 3 points Dragoje Lekovic - 2 points Kevin McGowne - 1 point.
  6. How appropriate. s**te spread on a field.
  7. John Hartson post match "He delayed his dive"
  8. I know for definite the East Fife had at least 2. And they 'adopted' Bob Crampsey for the day & filled him with american cream soda. Crampsey certainly attended his fair share as a 'neutral'
  9. My money is on the virus in that fight.
  10. Rashid Sarwar (P-A-I-S-L-E-Y)
  11. Report the pubs to the local councils? Councils can revoke their license. Citing public health & safety? That would, however, require the councils to grow a set.

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