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  1. Can you post screen shots of your problem?
  2. CB

    Killie Shop

    In August it was open 10am to 2pm on matchdays. Killie club was shut.
  3. I believe so. Teething problems at the minute. Baz will be working through them in his spare time. Some may be tougher to fix than others.
  4. You should get it in portrait mode on your phone.
  5. Only on your own browser. I use opera, so can do this The other themes add images to the background. That might decrease the whiteness. But, I understand some find it difficult to read with that.
  6. Did we ever get to the bottom of that? I know @Allan was bringing it to the attention of our hosts. Did we hear back?
  7. It could almost have been Gus Poyet, last season. Gus Poyet turned down Kilmarnock approach for a job offer that then fell through The former Chelsea midfielder said it was “embarrassing” that the job offer he told Killie about did not pan out. By Press Association Published: 20 August 2020 - 7.38am Gus Poyet has revealed he turned down an approach from Kilmarnock last summer to focus on a concrete job offer which fell through. Now the former Brighton and Sunderland boss is eager to return to management in England ahead of the new season after two years out of t
  8. The one I know relates to a pair of trousers that are baggy at the top, and tapers to the ankle. I'm guessing, if the trousers didn't taper, the ball would get caught in the material when you tried to nutmeg someone.
  9. Eddie's first 22 According to fitbastats: W W W D L D L L W L W D L D W L L D D L D L 125 book seems to confirm. Out of curiosity, who took charge for the 4-0 pumping off of meadowbank? @Thebigguy68 the game immediately after Clunie's 5-0 defeat v airdrie. Was it Rab Stewart?
  10. Since the 5-0 game: 4. W 1(league cup edited in post). D. 1. L 2. F 3 A 5.
  11. The 5-0 game? Scratch that. League cup, last season. aet