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    What's Gus MacPherson up to these days...?
  2. Here's a similar BBC interview. How come it took so long to get started? 'I was injured'
  3. CB

    Club Shop

    Mind you. I can't complete the order as my card issuer must have flagged it as a dodgy site. Even just ordering the facemasks, RBS refuses to process the order.
  4. CB

    Club Shop

    Did you order direct, or was it a suggested purchase? I've found if you put something in your 'bag' at the bottom of the 'view my bag' page, there are suggested purchases. Click on 'add' and it adds it to the bag. Just chuck something in the bag, and keep refreshing the bag screen, until you get a shirt.
  5. CB

    Club Shop

    'Killie' But Brownings manufacture 'Kilmarnock' and it's their sponsor dollar at work.
  6. CB

    Club Shop

    I don't know about the Beith strip. Oldham has nicked our design, or, more to the point, Hummel has, and given it to Oldham. Unless they asked permission from us, I'd expect words to be exchanged.
  7. There was a Wimbledon chap on the tweets wishing him well with There's a star man playing on the right, his name is Mitchell Pinnock and he's f**king dynamite
  8. That's how we could afford him... 18000 signing on fee? Not a problem!
  9. CB

    Club Shop

    We'll be able to buy Bachmann, never mind get him on loan
  10. CB

    Club Shop

    Just ordered 3 facemasks. Using Opera browser. Android 10.
  11. CB

    Club Shop

    Would it not need to be a new link? Don't JustSport own all the 'whoever(dot)clubstore(dot)etc'?
  12. CB


    Perhaps he fancies a comeback...
  13. CB


    Near the end of this: https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/18567571.billy-thomson-says-freddie-woodman-mentality-succeed-celtic-work-ethic-impressed-kilmarnock/
  14. CB


    So, it was good news for us that Bachmann's parent club won last night, yes? If they stay up, we have a better chance of getting him?
  15. BBC Scotland has the lower leagues. Alba has delayed. And Sky has live prem, as far as I'm aware. You will get same day Sportscene on bbc1, there's that. Saturday night, after the late news.
  16. Charlie Daniels (83) Musician
  17. Aren't we already coming, and trying to getting?
  18. Ennio Morricone (91) Composer.
  19. Cynical. Takes potential votes away from Democrats. Remember, that c**t is all pally with that Wotsit-faced, Shredded Wheat-haired, blithering idiot in the white house.
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    Season Tickets

    It says 'hits' https://killiefc.com/home/about-us

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