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  1. People are being asked at the door and are just ignoring it. In some cases giving out cheeky responses. Tannoy announcements being made to remind people not to congrigate. We should absolutely be cordoning off non essential areas like hardware and clothes. If anyone needs a specific thing they can ask. You shouldn't be in for a browse. People in this country have a weird addiction to supermarkets. To be fair the numbers of groups are falling but its still out of order.
  2. Thats a good one. Maybe we can have a separate thread for this kinda stuff.
  3. Can anyone that knows of people that are needlessly going to the supermarket in pairs or family groups to think twice. Its simpleton behaviour. Mostly couples in their 60's and 70's. I know that there are genuine reasons for some people doing it but its clearly not the majority. Todays Darwin award goes to an older couple. The woman trying to hold her fleece over her face with one hand and push a trolly and shop with other whilst her husband just saunters anbout hands in pockets. Mind blowing stupidity.
  4. Seems loads of folk casually ignoring orders. Most folk out at Tesco in Irvine today in twos plus. Whole family groups in some cases. We need to limit it it one person in unless its a patent with no other childcare. Shut ALL areas with non essential goods has ti be done as well. I realise I need to work here but we are not being protected. I can social distance but not when the whole toon decends on my work place many of them for no reason other than just because. Only a handful of people seem to be in any rush to get what they need and out. Utterly infuriating.
  5. Talk of upping measures in my work (tesco) today. Police at the door ensuring people are only in for essentials and not for some place to hang about like some still are. And that folk arent unnecessarily in groups. I. E. The 60+ brigade this morning out in force as couples and just taking their time to buy a few wee things. Much quieter from around lunchtime tho and shelves looking a bit better. Sold two pallets of bog roll today however it took much longer for them to go. Why its still only limited to two is beyond me. Every single person that bought it just about taking two because they can. Totaly unnecessary. Fresh food in particular looking more healthy today. With two deliveries planned tonight.
  6. I fear for this to really hit the fan. People aren't listening to advice to isolate and distance from others and in general are just not taking things seriously. Time to take more drastic action I fear.
  7. Maybe Fraz65 is just tried from all those hrs treating sick people. Maybe you should learn a bit of decorum.
  8. It would be wildly irresponsible to spent any non essential cash by any club just now.
  9. Who is going to be spending money on players just now exactly?
  10. The supermarkets not restricting sales is whats causing it. Lining their pockets on fear. Keep the shelves full peopls panick less simples.
  11. The supermarkets arent acting responsibly at all. Ive rasied the issue of restricting ALL products but they are loving it. The sight of empty shelves is panicking people further and more people are buying more stuff.
  12. Aye they are just going to end up extending it another month at least.
  13. That would be the right thing to do. Euros can easily be played next summer.
  14. We should definetly look at a crowdfunding campaign to help the club for the next few weeks.

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