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  1. Its thinly veiled racism. Im sure the officer hes referring to dosent share such sentiments.
  2. I think if we haven't done any business by the end of this week I'll be a bit concerned.
  3. To be fair the crux of the argument stems back to KBP confusing Billy Bowie saying that the millionaire board members wont let the club go under with him saying they will fund signings out of their own pocket. Thats never sustainable. I dont think anyone is saying we shouldn't be spending within reason to improve the squad. However these are challenging times and it will be difficult. Nobody seems to be out there adding real quality yet bar (honestly we are skint) Aberdeen. Hopefully we will see a couple of new faces soon. Particularly a keeper. As frustration amongst the fans grows quickly and expectations also seem to grow as time wears on leading to disappointment.
  4. Sure it wasn't Mutumbu Molombu or Mulumba?
  5. Aye I dont think they have been delivered. Those im sure are just samples. Think the manufacturer was shut for a bit due to Covid19.
  6. cammy_boy

    Club Shop

    It wasn't run by Nike. It was run by Justsports. They bought the gear from Nike and branded and sold it. It was a clusterf**k.
  7. Neil McCann to be their next manager. Tynecastle to implode into its own sense of injustice ans seethe.
  8. Id rather we had a healthy debate throughout the year with a view to restructuring at a time when clubs arent facing massive operational changes. Come up with a set up that works for the many and not just what Hearts and Partick want.
  9. This in a nutshell. Its unfair on them yes but like you said they are a victim of circumstances as well as their own doing. They want the rest of the leagues to damage themselves to save them. Wont be happening. As for the petulant way they have acted throughout. GET THE f**k DOON!
  10. Pretty much the same with me. Like all managers of Killie I will give him a fair crack and I really want him to succeed. Seems such a genuine guy and I reckon he will put the work it. Hopefully it comes good.
  11. Talk about making something out of nothing.

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