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  1. Heard Mulumbu hasn't travelled up today.
  2. Anyone else make this connection or have I finally lost it?
  3. Fine a club that no longer exists with a que pf creditors from Govan to London? Seems sensible enough.... When are these noddys going to accept that the old huns went out of business and the new club fast tracked into the leagues rather than demoted or punished?
  4. Nah. A good penalty taker is vital. We'd be bemoaning it if he had a poor record from the spot.
  5. Think United fans are sick of him doing that.
  6. Yeah blocked shots canne be counted. Especially as most of theirs were from 30 yards.
  7. Absolutely agree. His shots are hard and often on target. Strikers should want to score. He wants to score. Great alongside Kabamba who gives a different dynamic up top.
  8. No this is the Motumbo effect.....
  9. Much better. Clinical up top and to be fair we defended stoutly. Start of the second half we were under the cosh. Kiltie and Kabamba wee excellent.
  10. Maybe thats why we dont really need a major teat event? Should be pretty straightforward to do.
  11. Not deserved on performances so far.
  12. Because someone told me that.
  13. Looks like this might be happening today.
  14. Think the fact Millen has confirmed talks makes me think its a done deal. Unless we are advertising his availability to "skint" clubs like Aberdeen and Hibs.