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  1. Arbroath are so comfortable. We ate passive and lackluster. Terrible.
  2. I thought Rory was lost for the first 20 minutes or so and dont mind saying I thought we should have been looking at hooking him as wee were getting over run in the middle of the park. He however slowly came into it and settled. Was excellent in the second half and had a level of aggression we needed to start controlling the game.
  3. Its got hee haw to do with security and everything to do with the sectarian abuse that would be caught live on air in front of uefa delegates. Large fine or worse would be awaiting.
  4. The guy has played very little football for a while. He scored 9 for a s**te County team in the top flight and what ive seen of him has all the signs he'll do just fine. Just needs that goal to get him off the mark.
  5. I never mentioned any age groups but Its funny you say that because without doubt the most obnoxious ignorant and self centred groups that I ever encountered was the age groups you mention well the ones that were born in the mid to late forties and early fifties. I had a lady less than impressed that the shelfs were empty (they weren't anything like they are now which is still far from empty) whilst buying her copy of the Daily Mail.... oh the irony. These are the groups that love to talk about rationing and the war when they were in f**king nappies and know little of it. The older generation on the other hand. The ones that actually lived through that hell tend to be the kindest sweetest people you meet. Boomers are c**ts!
  6. Oh aye and also my main grip with vaccine passports is that if they are designed to stoo covid spread then they have to be universal as far as im concerned. Singling out certain groups and businesses is out of order in my opinion. Im sure support wouldn't be as high if they were required for everyone going to any venue for any reason.
  7. For what its worth in response to the 26 year old with Crohn's. My sister in law has it. Bad enough to have had to have had major surgery with it. She had covid a few weeks ago. Double dunted. Felt like s**te for a week or so. Slept mostly. But the vaccine did its job and essentially reduced it to like the flu for her. She of course could have chosen to stay away from society for fear of serious illness but she chose otherwise. All im saying is people should be able to weigh up their options and make a choice. Lets face it a covid test isnt likely to be the first type of test after a night of successful clubbing 😜 Anyways ill leave it at that and we'll see how things pan out.
  8. I think practices are probably getting away with it for now. But it must be heaping pressure onto hospitals who cant just say f off.
  9. How many people are turning up at hospitals because of the restrictions? People that have been scared to use health services for minor issues that are now major ones? GP's are not seeing patients people are presenting at a&e with problems that should be delt with by a gp or a nurse practitioner. Im sure Zorro could expand on that but surley much of the backlog is because of restrictions and not because of (now anyway) dealing with covid patients? Maybe im wrong. But im sure the best way of dealing with a backlog is not to create a bigger backlog. Also ask yourself how seasonal flu got to the stage it did? It certainly wasnt through constant lockdowns and harsh measures on people lifes. We used these means to get vaccines ready and administered. Flu never had vaccines until it had killed 100's of millions. Covid is already hitting that point. The people who are getting covid now are in the main the young who are generally natural immune, vaccinated people who are in the many n resistant to serious illness and the unvaccinated who in the main (obviously there are exceptions) have made a decision not to increase their protection levels so tough s**t.
  10. What do you mean let it rip? Let it rip aould have been pre vaccination. Everyone who wants a vaccine will have had one by now. You keep going on about deaths from covid. Only 256 deaths people in the first half of the year out of way over 10k have been fully vacinated people. I don't have any specific info on those people but im willing to bet most of them weren't exactly in the best of heath. Whilst these are personal tragedies for those families these numbers show the vaccines are working. Where is the point that you accept there is deaths that happen an cannot be prevented within reason? I get the impression you think im a heartless bastard who thinks f**k everyone. I can assure you thats not the case. But I am a pragmatist and your view is whilst with the best of intention and high in comparison not viable for moving forward from this. And I have been affected. Every single one of us has in varying ways. Whether its been job losses, working long hard hrs day on day to provide heath care food and vital services or suffered ill health or personal loss. We all have been affected. Right at the start of this my priority was my 89 year old gran and my parents in their 60's. Getting them to take things seriously was a nightmare. They were having their freedom's removed and it was very difficult for them but I had to work hard for them to listen. Now im more than satisfied they have a reasonable level of protection against this, not full proof but reasonable. Their chances of getting seriously ill and dying are more or less the same as they were before. Something is going to do it for all of us and I firmly believe that its now a personal decision how you live and what levels if risk are for you. These decisions shouldn't be foisted on everyone as a catch all for the few. People need to make personal informed decisions based on their own circumstances. I hope your well and don't think im having a go at you. Im not. Im having a go at a way of thinking. Your clearly a good guy wanting the best for everyone. As do I.
  11. Looking forward to this more than usual. Will be my first day out after isolating with covid. Looking forward to a beer in the many good establishments of hillhead and Great Western rd before heading up to Maryhill. Hopefully I have some taste back by then so I can actually enjoy a beer.
  12. Ive said for ages it should be about makeing it more attainable. Costs over 5k to get one because you need to get your class 2 first before your class 1. How many youngsters have that kicking about? Should be grants or at least long term interest free loans payable once in employment like a student loan without the interest. Or of course we don't kick perfectly good workers out the country for being a bit foreigniey and taking ar jobs (that clearly nobody wants to do)! Also. I ment so say you might mot notice things if you can get what you need. I could see the shortages because deliverys were getting smaller and of course I was all over the shop dealing with various areas so could see the issues. Never seen anything close to this (start of the pandemic excluded) in the 18+ years I was there.
  13. In Soviet Britain........ Boris Johnson's you!