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  1. Hopefully McGowan is fit. Millen had a good game but I think McGowan is the better defensively. Millen put in some good crosses and seems to be improving
  2. Don’t have a strong feeling either way. Not keen on the black power Glove thing though
  3. Unusual not to have a welcome interview by now. Good to have an experienced goalie signed up.
  4. Poor season ticket sales and a small matter of a virus will surely have impacted on our budgets
  5. City club with large potential support base. However 11000 is a good number.
  6. Makes 2 of us then!
  7. Very difficult circumstances this year with folks not knowing if they have a job to go back to. Will be surprised if not significantly down in numbers.
  8. Me too- pay day next Thursday
  9. For all that JJ was a bit of a fanny he added an extra dimension to our play with his pace. He does have ability too
  10. Wonder if a press conference today as spotted a couple of BBC vans there this morning
  11. Sin in law got a refund on his Sevco season ticket aa he is struggling with my daughter being furloughed. It is all about personal circumstances. Wife and I have a season ticket each but can afford not to get refunded. I suspect most won’t but some may need every penny they can get.
  12. Interestingly the Daily Ranger saying Motherwell interested in signing Fox
  13. I had (wrongly) assumed he was already fixed up before he left. Taking a bit of a gamble here. Might be better off giving AD a call and eat some humble pie. Hopefully he hasn’t burned his bridges

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