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  1. So the woman who said she agreed with the Biden accusers back in 2019 and thinks he abused women when she was running against him now wants to stand alongside him as the prospective VP. Haha.
  2. So some folk on here support people smuggling, illegal immigration and now moans about the audacity of the press, which suddenly starts reporting it after months of hundreds arriving here each day.
  3. Griffiths is another Riordan /O'Conner in the making
  4. An improvement on the the 2 donkeys we had last season .A bit inconsistent but that's probably why he was playing non league .Doing a decent job for us while not being a stick out.Scores a few goals and assists certinly worth extending his contract
  5. Need someone with pace like a Boyle .Is there any out there within our budget except for the obvious
  6. Thought they were skint .The directors seem to be backing the manager with a transfer budget that seems to be out spending Septic by a long way .Though I believe Septics wage bill is higher by a long way and is on par with some of the lower EPL clubs .Unsustainable by the two of them
  7. Rodgers McGown Broadfoot Findlay Millen Dicker Power Tishbola Burke Kabamba Brophy
  8. It's all over social media that it's him .Ex TA officer and lead brexiteer
  9. Drew countless free kicks and bookings though .Think wee scored from a few of them and managed to score against both the infirm
  10. Will he get another chance ? Injured and only here till Christmas.Don't know how bad the injury is or how long he will be out.Any length of time out and it will be very hard to justify him getting back in.
  11. Waters should have been closer to him but probably because of Boyles pace stood off him and let him get a shot off .The 1st goal was the keepers fault ,if you charge out your box you have to get the ball or you see the consequences
  12. Sign someone with pace up front .I hate to say it but Jones fits the bill
  13. No pace in the team ,always going to get ripped by the likes of Boyle

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