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  1. Not more talk on reconstruction .It has allready been knocked back and I doubt very much there would be any talk of it of it had been St Mirren or Hamilton or even us that were being relagted
  2. Dunfermline turned down an cash offer from Hibs at the January window .Don't know how much but not a lot apparently.Doubt if they would entertain any swap deals
  3. According to there staunch support Hagi is the one who after a couple of season playing in Scotland will be going to Barca.Can't get a game at Gwent but after playing a couple of seasons for Sevco all the top clubs in Europe will be fighting for his signature with money no object.How disillusioned are that lot.
  4. England did win the war and to suggest anything else is unpatriotic.Us Scots and the rest of the then Empire who contributed were mearly giving a small hand .After all they armed us and commanded us .That the history of the war taught in England
  5. Loosing Stewart and Jones signing a pre contract at January was a major blow .If we had kept Stewart and re signed Jones I think we would have finished nearer Sevco .It was a major blow and the fact he thought he had Stewart till the end of the season made him think he had a near impossible task on his hands .Mind you I think he has a similar task with the Scotland job .
  6. Killiepies


    Plenty of great guy managers Klopp for one.Some managers are just better than others through there tactics,signings ,motivation and luck.Some players play better for certain managers .Clarke got the best out numerous players at Killie .He even managed to get an overweight past it center to become the top scorer in the league .Good guy or bad guy doesn't matter the ability to get the best out the players,tactically aware and identify weaknesses/ strengths in the squad are
  7. Supposably signing Hagi for £4 million.Must have got cash from the DUP
  8. School re-opening in August ,golf ,fishing bowling allowed ,can meet friends outside as long as social distancing,garden centres open ,agriculture opening up and talks on construction starting up .Next phase is professional sport and beer gardens .Light at the end of the tunnel and it looks like we will have football back in some form in August
  9. Seemingly our curve is just the same as England's. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/5614261/coronavirus-scotland-death-rate-curve-england-statistics/
  10. One of the most embarrassing results in Killies history if not the most.I would go on to say it made us the laughing stock of Scottish football .
  11. Hladky is a non starter .Sevco were supposably interested and I think he would be well out our range now .It will be interesting to see if we do any business before we have a definite start date for some kind of football to resume.
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/may/19/uk-jobless-april-coronavirus-crisis-unemployment-benefits Unemployment now over 2 million and that is only the start of it .I think many more will lose there jobs before this ends .Watch wages drop and zero hours contracts rise while company directors still take lavish salarys and dodge tax .Hopefully it might be a quick recovery but wages and conditions won't recover .
  13. This will run on .Hearts will probably take legal action unless they have been promised some sort of reconstruction .Funny how it's back on the table seemingly
  14. Killiepies


    So I take it the UK will not be contributing its £13 billion it pays in .Surely the government will decide how that money is now distributed and Scotland will get a % share of the cash
  15. I have had dealings with HSE before and usually come down on the side of the company .Reported issues in past to them and just had e-mails back saying they contacted the company and every thing is OK .No site visit and no appeal also have asked the company to fix concerns .On going and waiting on quotes for job among other Bulls**te excuses.Yes you can refuse to work if unsafe but they won't pay you

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