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  1. andydippy

    Today's Attendance

    Looked half of that
  2. andydippy

    Tickets for Tuesday

  3. andydippy

    Tickets for Tuesday

    Back to the topic - how many tickets have we sold? Can I sit on my regular seat?? Lol
  4. andydippy

    Tickets for Tuesday

  5. andydippy

    Red sheep (cup), Fred

    erwins had a few good touches
  6. andydippy

    Red sheep (cup), Fred

  7. andydippy

    Red sheep (cup), Fred

    aye my stream is working again now must have beem my internet
  8. andydippy

    Red sheep (cup), Fred

    Yes but its s**te - was working fine for 15 mins now hardly loads
  9. andydippy

    Red sheep (cup), Fred

    yes i do seems pretty decent - watching from sunny troon (in germany lol)
  10. andydippy

    Sheep away

    Thats me signed up for aberdeentv overseas subscription, moved to germany for the game!!
  11. andydippy

    Dundee match thread

    Fckn amazing best game in ages
  12. andydippy

    Lee Erwin

    fine i won't post again - also please ban me saves me wasting time on here
  13. andydippy

    Lee Erwin

    This is at HOME games - need to take it to the away team better, away games can play 1 up top as it seems to work .
  14. andydippy

    Lee Erwin

    can get away with 2 in midfield as they are good so only way to incorporate dicker as well, then can play out from the back better.
  15. andydippy

    Lee Erwin

    McDonald O'Donnell dicker Findlay/broad taylor Thomas mulumbu power Jones Boyd. Brophy id give that a go - proper wide players out wide and 2 up top as none of the strikers cam play alone very well

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