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  1. They are rushing to get an unironed, hanging like a bag of washing photo up, then charge x100
  2. Why The “dyer would be keen to sell him” ? Is that cause of a fall out or based on his contract situation?
  3. I like how this starts out with one cost and then it’s incredibly doubled by the end. the cost begins as £100 a player a week and ends with £100 Per test, per player so £200 a week. Let’s just make it up as we go! Yay!
  4. There’s opportunity in this crisis for smart operators. If at all possible we should be doing a deal for the boy Nesbit at Dunfermline, they need money, and will probably be in no position to turn down a sensible amount, even doing something with staggered payments or performance related.
  5. Nope just feel he’s a good manager, dual promotions with Livingston. Gave them platform to stay up and for holt to build on. followed by a daft move down south. But then back at it with morton.
  6. Id take holt, but I’d prefer David hopkin.
  7. Disagree - st Mirren and gus McPherson in particular have had great success, identifying, pursuing and signing players from Easter Europe. hladky, popescu, Corbu and a few others over last 2 season. And also another 1 in this window. A clear strategy.
  8. The only thing I’m looking forward today is hopefully seeing the boy Connell get some game time. Although he hasn’t featured since queens game. Is he injured?
  9. Big fan of tish, but again not the player we require, we would have 4 central mids with relatively the same outputs.
  10. Folk that say jones downed tools confuse me. He continued to be selected by one of the greatest bosses the club has seen. What actually happened is that a player that blew hot and cold, blew cold. He had moments in that period that were him at his best but not sustained. Young Player has erratic form - hardly a shock. as for his tweet, I was raging with it, but who here at 22/23 hasn’t made a mistake. Getting hunted from rangers maybe the bit of humble pie that lets him kick on and become a better person as well as player. social media frothing at the mouth over a young lad trying to impress his new clubs fans at the wrong time, then condemning him for eternity for it. Time to move on. Ps - I would had have him back in a heartbeat, fear he will have better offers in Scotland and down south.
  11. I think the best example for betting/alochol is smoking. in 1954 60% of men and 40% of women smoked. In 2010 it was down to around 20% for both. This drop is largely contributed to the restrictions placed on these companies. It was normalised, people were influenced both directly and indirectly to smoke. If you DIDNT smoke you were the strange one in the group. Think of the damage smoking has done to people in your family circle or friends. Now gambling and alcohol pose as big a risk as smoking, if not bigger. Folk got sick from smoking but could still work/keep a home until relatively late stages of illness. Alcohol and betting can strip an individual of their job, respect, and dignity in months and even their home. Granted these can be enjoyed in moderation, but the limited regulations in place allow companies to groom future customers from a young age by being associated with their heros. It also pushes its product into the faces of people with potential troubles with it, whilst they try to enjoy a british tradition of socialising with sports. Imagine if you had an issue and it was so consuming that you had to remove yourself from watching sport. those that say "ive never bought cheese and they sponsored us" miss 2 key points. 1 - cheese isn't addictive 2 - if advertising didnt work they wouldn't pay so much for it. Im incredibly proud our club has the stance it has, and hope that the current attention leads to further restrictions and control.
  12. Jordan jones for all his behaviour since signing for rangers, was for 18 months a great wide player for us.
  13. @ParkHotel given your comments suggest that you have inside knowledge to some degree and perhaps a relationship with board members that others don’t. I’d suggest staying off the forums in times of discord. the forum is and always will be a place fans vent and exaggerate opinion, present opinion as fact and revel in arguments. It’s one of the glorious parts of being a fan. Sometimes it’s better to ignore than engage in the hope of educating or explaining, most of the time folk just want to grumble with others who know the pain.

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