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  1. Onlyonecolinmckee

    Mascot experience

    Disposable income dictates involvement with community based football club. Not a fan of this at all. Fine for those with money who will no doubt see no issue with it. But counter productive to community engagement. Would much rather have seen it “sold” to a sponsor and given away to young fans from all backgrounds. The club should realise that it’s around 50% of an min wage over 25s weekly wage if they get 45 hours a week. Disapointed to be honest.
  2. Onlyonecolinmckee

    New Killie Watering Hole - 7 Saints

    Not the post office, former bank building across from unique. all subject to planning and licensing.
  3. Onlyonecolinmckee

    Bryson promotion clause

    sitting watching the derby game, and just wondered if the rumoured clause will still count since he was on loan all season or if its against a set number of games?
  4. Onlyonecolinmckee

    Kris Boyd

    Never lost faith!
  5. Onlyonecolinmckee

    New Directors ?

    I can't think of anyone with a football background on any board at present? Any examples?
  6. Onlyonecolinmckee

    Big Kirk Broadfoot

    He’s big he’s bad hes from drongan town! The baddest man all around! come and have a go if you dare, broadfoots gonna be there!!!
  7. Onlyonecolinmckee


    Plot line - Cyril having been caught sleeping with a wombat in Australia, is forced to return home. On his return he finds out the agent he shared with mulumbu has made off with his stash of nuts and he needs to start earning again pronto. He grasses nutz up to the killie board for not being a squirrel at all, rather a weird hibrid born in hunterson. With nutz gone, Cyril returns to lead the cheer at rugby park, winning the mascot derby in his first year into the bargain!!
  8. Onlyonecolinmckee

    Mulumbu Skint

    Someone get the just giving page set up. We can guilt him into staying if we raise enough
  9. Onlyonecolinmckee

    What if SSC just wants to stay?

    I’ve been corrected by a few folk who would know, so apologies and happy days!!
  10. Onlyonecolinmckee

    What if SSC just wants to stay?

    Or I should say, I think that’s a fake account. Sorry.
  11. Onlyonecolinmckee

    What if SSC just wants to stay?

    That’s a fake twitter account.
  12. Onlyonecolinmckee

    Kris Boyd has 130 goals...

    Should we no be counting down?? 34 to go
  13. Onlyonecolinmckee

    Retro Kits.

    I’d buy one for sure.
  14. Onlyonecolinmckee

    Pie stalls

    Might be a first world problem, still a problem thou. Missed revenue, affects match day experience. It’s lose, lose. Next time al get a pie of your maw thou, thanks for the suggestion.
  15. Onlyonecolinmckee

    Pie stalls

    Last week, my mate left at 42mins and returned at 63mins! Shambles is don’t cover it. 1 working a till and 1 serving doesn’t work for speed of service, pricing is stupid for a speed bar with “rushes”.

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