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  1. Maybe he could coax his ex-team-mate, Teddy Sheringham, out of retirement to fire us to promotion! 😃
  2. https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2021/07/23/confirm-your-attendance-for-motherwell-v-hibernian/
  3. You're right, there isn't. But they're probably better spaced than ours, so we'll keep that between us! You'd have thought, though, that all councils could've agreed a 'use every second seat in every second row' standard. That sounded feasible, until I changed the word 'club' to 'council'!
  4. Taking away the main stand (2022) that's only 18% of the remaining 3 stands' capacity (5803) for St Mirren! So using every second seat in every second row would be 1450! Bizarre! PS. Apparently, they've sold 'just over 2000 season tickets' & have red numbers on their kit (info from P&B).
  5. High % of 'singles', then; & bottom 4 rows of Chadwick not used, further reducing the potential? It's looking like 2000 again, or not many more than 2750, including the Moffat.
  6. To keep the 1 metre spacing it's probably stuck at 25% (only every second seat, in every second row available) for 'singles'. How did they work it for 'households' last night? Were they sitting together? For example, a row of 45 seats (with every seat between singles/parties left vacant) accommodates: - *23 people in singles (50% per row) *30 people in pairs (65% per row) *34 people (10 x 3s & 1 x 4, 75% per row). Every second row is empty, so the 'true' figures are 25%, 32% & 37%. Leaving the FB out, taking the 32% as the average (might be pushing it there) & based on 11000 available seats in 3 stands = 3520. It's hard to see where we'd be allowed more. Doing it purely as 'singles' (if the Moffat's available) we'd probably be allowed 2750. If Celtic are allowed 18500, what size is their 'red zone'? What's their max capacity without that area? They must have (presented) info on (high) percentages of households from a season ticket database.
  7. .......and, ideally, we'd be set-up to play to his strengths from day 1. That's going to be difficult, as he's not even here yet; unless we plan to start the season with Innes Cameron, but what if he gets injured before the Ayr game? Who's Plan B? Somebody who has 'kind of' done it, occasionally, elsewhere? Robinson? And if that doesn't work, Connell or even Rory? All different types to Cameron. As said above, recruitment has, at least, been decent & this is the hardest position to fill. So not being negative, but it is a concern. I think we need to bring 2 in. Try to get one who's available now, on relatively modest money, but who can do a decent job (probably easier said than done, but TW/JF must've been confident they could get better than Oakley, who I thought would've been OK as a backup in the Championship); and then a better one when available. There are incentives for strikers dropping to the Championship - surely a decent promotion bonus (if achieved); being the league's top goalscorer (if achieved); being a premiership player next season (or maybe a transfer to a 'bigger' club); and, most importantly, playing/scoring in front of a huge Killie crowd on promotion day!!
  8. Is he any good at admin? You know, checking for suspensions etc......
  9. Below amateur - most amateur teams get these things right! Can someone draw up an idiot-proof pre-match checklist? At this rate the team will turn up at the wrong time, or on the wrong day, soon! Absolute. Shambles.
  10. It's the media that spoils it & sickens us. We don't need to hear praise from/the opinions of everyone, from school janitors to pop 'stars', some of whom couldn't spell 'football'. Too much!! I've lived in England & watched England matches in pubs with mates (ok, people I knew...) - they were just as nervous/anxious/critical/fearful as any other fans. Initially, that surprised me because of the (at least, perceived) 'stars' they had, but mainly because even they didn't believe the media hype around their own squad/chances! I don't mind England winning it; for those boys & many more like them, Southgate (a man who's difficult not to, at least, admire) & even some of the players (not the lockdown breakers!) who have used their profiles to improve others' lives and/or put their personal football ambitions aside to help their country (e.g. Coady, who hasn't played & Mings, who didn't deserve to be dropped but has spoken very well since). As mentioned by someone else, I just won't watch the news for a while! As far as Scotland is concerned, we need to get beyond celebrating finals qualification & move that target to the knockout stage of the finals. We're not that far away - 2 or 3 players (a goalie, a 'gallus' & a goalscorer); but we need to find/play them soon, while the others who have made us 'competitive' remain so at that level. It's a finer line than ever before, between success & failure; we need to, and can, get to the other side of that line.... then we can hear from some Scottish jannies!!
  11. Can't wait for that 'shop' not being there!
  12. Apologies if posted already.....does anyone have any info on probable PATG prices for league games? I reckon I'll only be able to attend 10-12 games. Thanks.
  13. I didn't say Killie players wouldn't get a game, I said they'd have been laughed at. It was a slightly tongue-in-cheek comment; however, I laughed at some of their 'efforts' last season, so I'd imagine the Shortlees boys would have a chuckle, too.....
  14. I don't doubt the first part, but plenty of pro/semi pro 'footballers' wouldn't get a game for Shortlees (have you watched them over the last few years? I have, to my great pleasure). Several of Killie's first team squad would've been laughed at if they'd appeared at Burnpark, looking for a game!