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  1. Is there an option to buy the shirt without the sponsor?
  2. People still read that rag?
  3. Would take Jones and Stewart on loan.
  4. Guff92


    We should be looking for a new manager.
  5. Guff92

    How it ends

    Agree with this. Why can’t football be behind closed doors? Regular testing throughout each club would be more than beneficial. As long as footballers stick to the usual lockdown procedure out with the footballing world/when they go home, I don’t see the issue. Bundesliga back the 9th of may. A country and a footballing association run the way it should be.
  6. Jack didn’t want them paying anymore that £1.25 million......£3 million rising to £4 million. Was cringey how desperate he was getting. That Maja is on £65,000 a week at Bordeaux.
  7. “Even if it meant Liverpool loosing out on their first league trophy in 30 years” Said no true Liverpool fan ever
  8. Going to ban yourself then....
  9. This season can’t and won’t be voided. Next season won’t start until this one is completed. However long it takes.
  10. Guff92

    Gym equipment

    I’d travel 180 miles haha I’ve all the the time in the world at the moment. What kind/spec is it?
  11. Long shot but if anyone has anything they don’t use or willing to sell give me a shout.
  12. Guff92

    Sports direct

    I ordered mine before the price hike. But aye, I’ll no be back.
  13. Guff92

    Sports direct

    Yeah I should be fine one way or another. Cheers
  14. Guff92

    Sports direct

    I’ll keep trying, thanks! Hopefully since they won’t be processing my order due to stock. PayPal will auto clear it.

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