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  1. UEFA will postpone the Euros for a year, then issue an edict instructing all member states to complete their respective leagues in the freed-up time. No discussion. Remember ALL countries have the same quandary as us. It's the only logical way to solve this. All player contracts to be extended accordingly. Any country not complying would lose Euro spots for future season. And BTW no bleating from broadcastrs that it doesn't suit them. What's needed here is some realisation across the board that a solution is possible.
  2. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse : Mrs Brown’s Boys Live will replace Match of the Day on BBC One tomorrow night. True
  3. What exactly is the issue with Harry? Many of us would like the situation clarified. Cheers
  4. Yes because Rangers have a Europa tie the following Thursday.
  5. Snowflake. Get a life mate. Keeper has a momentary lapse. First yellow pretty harsh. Second, weak ref buckles under Clare's moaning. Best we have at the moment so jog on.
  6. And Jamie Murphy now with Burton Albion!
  7. Kempes. Marsh. Puskas. Best. Cruyff. Tigana. Alan Clarke. Cooke. Gilzean.
  8. Dont quite get the thinking there tbh.
  9. Scott Sinclair off to PNE. Cross him off the list now.
  10. Bachmann is out injured at the moment, We won't get Stewart back. Boyce we can't afford. Mulumbu hasn't kicked a ball this season!
  11. When does Al;an's suspension kick in? Nowt to be seen on SFA discipline website. There's a surprise!
  12. Keeper blunder. End of. In general aye he makes a few decent saves here and there. But his distribution is quite frankly awful. No question. We either get a high launch which reaches the moon, a low raker which goes straight thorough to other keeper, or he slices his kick out the park. What's happening at training? What's he working on? And finally, seems to have little or no rapport with his back four.
  13. He's been out injured almost from the day he arrived in Paisley.
  14. I'm struggling to see the evidence that the players have thrown AA under the bus, other than unsubstantiated rumours. Been at most games this season (apart from Nomads debacle thankfully on hols). It has appeared as if there is tactical confusion, and on some occasions team has reverted to tried and trusted and looked ok. Hardly player power I'd say? The Hearts win merely masked problems - we scored 3 in under 20 mins against a shambolic Maroons, but the ensuing 70-odd mins produced very little. Think it's no coincidence that the appointment of JF has ben quickly followed by AA's departure. We
  15. Hadn't noticed him on the team sheet at Dingwall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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