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  1. killiefan87

    Killie 2 Hibs 2 24/02/18

    Taylor for me, wouldn't have been close but for JJ's goal, but Greg just ahead of JJ
  2. killiefan87

    Trust Membership

    Rejoined the Trust, and signed up for TiK on Monday!
  3. killiefan87

    Killie 0 hearts 0 14/04/17

    Was between Dicker, Ajer and Wilson for me.....went for Wilson because felt the other two might walk it and because the guys behind me were shouting at Wilson for how useless he was!
  4. killiefan87

    Killie 1 Dons 2 19/02/2017

    As with most others, Dicker by a mile!
  5. killiefan87

    Lost season ticket

    Yeah you'd think! Although when I lost mine a steward had taken it home after it was handed to him and forgotten to hand it in Anyway they found it in the stand today when they were finishing cleaning
  6. killiefan87

    Lost season ticket

    Hi guys A friend lost their season ticket after the game on Wednesday. Did anyone happen to find it (either in west stand or outside)? They went to club shop but they said they wouldn't know until all the cleanup etc had been finished today. Cheers
  7. killiefan87

    Brilliant new forum

    Looking good guys, seems really easy to use
  8. killiefan87

    Who would you keep?

    Feel like can't really say who we should keep because of severe lack of games attended but based on what friends have said etc: Keep MacDonald, Kiltie, Slater, Connolly, Dicker, Hodson, Josh, Rory and O'Hara, maybe Smith as well
  9. killiefan87

    Introduce Yourself...

    I'm Craig, still using the same username from the old forum. Spent about 15 years not missing a home game......made about five across the last two seasons because of work, my boss says hes protecting me from having to watch Killie

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