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  1. John is also heavily involved with Darvel Juniors as well as his beloved Killie, he only deserves praise for doing so much for not just one but two local teams.
  2. Absolutely well done Brownings great to see a local boy, well boys, doing this for a club they have supported all their lives.
  3. Lack of communication has been especially disappointing
  4. Thought I would wait until we did actually reach page 150 before commenting and now we are here I genuinely can’t believe our current situation. Hoping against hope that someone pulls something out of the hat but if not what a downward spiral we are on.
  5. The “players are not playing for him” what on earth does that even mean. Yes dreadful result but the nonsense on here is laughable. Get a grip.
  6. Absolutely fantastic to see things like this happening what a difference at our club it’s so great to part of this.
  7. What a great time to be a Killie fan that was two going on six today. Great effort all round.
  8. Very well said sir sums it up well.
  9. Really enjoyed that today a right good cup tie. Some great performances and the big keeper is a star in the making well apart from some of his kicks ! I like the look of the Millar and McAleney but how good is it to have Youssouf back he is one of the best I’ve ever seen in a Killie jersey and while he was a bit rusty today I think he’ll be a big big player for us until the end nd of the season. Dreadful inconsistency from the referee but then what do you expect when playing Sevco.
  10. Looking forward to this one immensely, Saturday night under the floodlights and hoping for a cracking atmosphere.
  11. Not sure it matters if its a big name or not, SSC just adapts the formation to the players available. In ahem 40+ years of watching my team I have never witnessed a manager that is as good as SSC is at putting a team on the park to compete. Personally I would have Mulumbu back in a heartbeat but that is SSC decision not mine and whatever he does is fine by me.
  12. This is fantastic and again hats off to all you folks who give up so much of your own time to organise all of this.
  13. Great to see this happening !
  14. For the first thirty minutes or so in particular Stewart was unplayable what a talent the boy has. Still voted for Power though that man is just immense.
  15. bornin65


    Any official confirmation anywhere or is this still speculation?
  16. Love that Charlie’s Dad well said fella.
  17. We have such a marvellous balance of players at the moment, wish the ones on loan were ours but you cant have everything, Captain Kirk though is just fabulous. As many others have said he is just the kind of player that used to play against us and we wished we had one like him and now we do. Both him and Chris Burke must be great role models for the young guys at our club. The way he winds up opposition players and their fans is just priceless and having said all that he really is a great player for us, love him to bits in a bromance kind of way.
  18. bornin65

    Kris Boyd

    We are the talk of the town right enough. He is not the first footballer to express opinions in the media and he wont be the last. I guess he is preparing for the future and he cant be any worse than Chris Sutton or indeed Tam McManus or Alan Preston, the list goes on. Personally I am enjoying everything about our club at the moment and his dig at McManus made me laugh out loud and that doesn’t happen often enough although I was still smiling after Sunday’s fabulous performance.
  19. Totally agree Burke has been grand so far just a shame he is not 10 years younger
  20. Our man is the best announcer that I have heard in the top flight. Man oh man some folks on here are never happy !
  21. Why is that then ? I just don’t get why folks would not want to join TIK, not saying it’s wrong I just don’t understand why.
  22. This. When he made the change I was wondering what he was doing and then we saw what happened. I honestly do not remember a Killie manager with such tactical knowledge in my ahem 45+ years of watching the famous. It’s still early days but Mr Clarke so far has not put a foot wrong, wonderful to watch and long may it continue
  23. What a player Mulumbu is ! Every single Kille player did their part today though magnificent performance WE ARE KILLIE !!
  24. bornin65


    Totally agree with this. Love watching JJ but he’s still not the finished article. Hope if he leaves that he goes down south though and not to Sevco he’s not going to improve in that environment I wouldn’t think.
  25. Six of us who are season ticket holders are going and normally for these games its two of us so a step in the right direction for my lot !

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