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  1. Pretty much this. If we keep it as tight and organised as we can there's always a chance you can nick something. Literally no mistakes. Though, If Edouard fancies it then it could be a long day.
  2. Very, very good. More multi-talented than I'd probably tell him.
  3. Glad that's cleared up, I was a bit mindblown by his inclusion.
  4. Will Smith? I get why the rest of them are options but Will Smith? Who does he support?
  5. Were we, aye? The 5 league games leading into the league abandonment had Rangers, Celtic, Hibs and Aberdeen. We beat Rangers and we drew with Aberdeen. Relegation form, before that run we had beat Hearts and Ross County back to back. Have a word, I think by "relegation form" what you actually mean is "We really should have beat Hamilton in the last game". I'm quite sure if we had finished bottom 6 we would have won most of the games.
  6. His money didn't "save" the club. It saved the club. He put in over £1M of his own money to keep the club operating over his first couple of seasons and only took half of it back when we finally had it to give, or that's my understanding. If changing the name of the stadium saves us trying to find half a million that we don't have to repay him the money that he's due and never had to put into the club in the first place then he's doing us a huge favour.
  7. I thought he was honking against us. Hearts fans seem to be very positive about him, so glad my initial reaction to the news seems to be way off!
  8. I don't think that's right. HT is a separate stoppage. If you bring on a sub at HT you can still call a further 3 stoppages. I'm sure in the Motherwell game the other night Lang came on at HT then they made 3 further stoppages for subs.
  9. Fletch

    New KIt

    The first season I thought the no sponsor thing looked great. This year it's worn off a bit on me, when I saw it on the highlights I thought the Motherwell kit had a bit of an unfinished look to it.
  10. Other than Gerrard and the media clutching at straws that day, the injury with nothing to do with our pitch. It was down a player who is prone to injury getting injured because that's what generally happens to him.
  11. Clarke used to say the same thing. First aim is to stay in the league and build from there toward top 6. He said it even in the season we finished third.
  12. Looks that way. They've probably had the Morelos deal done for a few days and held off on making it official to put them in a stronger position to get his replacement in. It's be lovely if we ended up with Stewart as a knock on but I don't know if the rumour was purely killiefc.com fiction.
  13. I've never registered for anything and it was ok.
  14. Worked fine for me, no issues at all.
  15. The goalkeeping at the second goal was actually quite similar to the Morelos (I think) goal in that game where Scott Boyd got turned. Eastwood made a rash decision at the first goal but other than that he made a very good save at 1-0 down and came out and collected a cross looking very steady. Wouldn't be overly concerned about him.

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