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  1. There's a middle ground between s**te and great. I don't think an empty arena is going to make people think it's s**te either, weird thing to say.
  2. Aye. I get that. It's the £160M deal signed in 2018 beginning and that it's more than the pittance we were getting on the old deal. Just they're now getting more football and they're getting the league starting when they want it to, yet with us offering more we're still down on our original agreement. I wouldn't expect the English FA to be walking away with less than their original agreement after offering up access to every fixture.
  3. I may be reading the figures wrong, hopefully the club manage to make a few quid from selling the virtual tickets. I'll certainly be taking any opportunity to see us back playing. Reading that you wonder what the rush was to finish the league at such a cost. Sky now have access to every single game and it looks like we've sold it at a £1.5M loss. We're the only nation in the world who can sell more football for less.
  4. No. I didn't say anything like that. Go back and read my post. I said we need two goalkeepers good enough to play at this level and be would be good enough to come in and provide competition.
  5. Happy with this news. Would have liked Gogic too mind you!
  6. Robby McCrorie is worth enquiring about on loan. We need two goalkeepers good enough to be play at this level (we probably need a third choice too) and he's a keeper capable of competing for the number one shirt even though he's 22.
  7. If literally everyone wants him and are offering him what he wants in terms of games. He's at a similar stage of his career as Chris Burke was when he arrived. He's made his money at Celtic. Hayes will be looking for one last shot at being a starter at a decent level. He's 33 at the start of the season, if he can get a 2 year deal at a club of our level I'm sure it would be of interest to him.
  8. I don't think Hayes would be out of our range at all. Coming 33 and not having played regularly for years he can hardly demand huge wages. I'd take him.
  9. I remember him being good at Dundee Utd and murder for Hibs and Dundee. His goal ave throughout his career is still good though. Not much idea about what's gone on since he left, you'd hope the experience has improved him. He's worth a look if he can get fit.
  10. Interestingly on Ashcroft the Pars fans seem sorry to see him go. He's the only guy on the list assumed to have been offered and knocked back a deal to move to a higher level.
  11. I think the general opinion is that he was an absolute nightmare first half of the season but settled in to being fairly consistently average after the break. Rock is probably a stretch.
  12. I'm very surprised McKenzie has let his deal run down. You'd expect he'd have been offered a deal before now. He's usually of the mould that you expect him to always sign an extension.

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