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  1. Only part time in the league. Assuming they stay up they'll be the only part time team ever to stay up for as many consecutive seasons.
  2. Go back and watch the highlights. He had a good first half. Two or three of our better moves were good link up with him and Naismith, he also got in a decent position at the back post himself. He did nothing second half and that's why he was going off, his first half was good though.
  3. Good result. One league goal conceded so far. Frustrating to not be top of the league but considering we've been finding our feet so far it's good going. On to Arbroath.
  4. They reckon Doidge will be back much sooner than expected.
  5. So you said ICT have a stronger squad. You did make the presumption.
  6. There's a huge difference between a team and a squad. Especially when ICT's squad hasn't particularly been tested. You're the one who said they have a stronger squad than us.
  7. No it doesn't. They've played a very similar 11 more or less every game. With Stokes, Robinson and Burke all picking up injuries and still coming out with max points in all games bar one we should probably be happy with the depth we've got. I think there are a few players who it will be a few games before we know what they're all about and we've still to find our best 11.
  8. Hard to see where he would fit in now. Can't see an additional post being created with considerably less money coming in. Shame, he would have been perfect fit for the job Fowler ended up in.
  9. I think the surprise return of Burrell probably put and end to needing a fourth option up front. If we're still serious about bringing in Gullan on a permanent deal then it's maybe more sense to try and do that at Christmas than bring in another cover player.
  10. There's a difference between how teams have approached us and ICT. In the league cup ICT were honking, they were as bad as Dunfermline were good interestingly! Teams will have started the season thinking they'd take points from them. Teams have tried to stifle us and hit us when they get a chance, including ICT. If teams are now going to take ICT seriously it will be interesting to see how they deal with teams trying to strangle out a point. I think when this happens it will probably be the what shows us to be better than them. They might prove me wrong but despite losing to them we looked like the side with more quality who would pick up more points across a season.
  11. Couldn't agree more. He got an absolute roasting first half. If the goal went in that got chipped over his head I'd have had him subbed at HT. I'm no Haunstrup fan but Waters first half performance made it pretty clear why Haunstrup gets a game. He had a quiet second half but in all honesty he didn't have to do much.
  12. Looking forward to this after seeing the team.
  13. I think TW said Burke was waiting on a scan after the treatment he got last Saturday.
  14. Hopefully we get the player back we had the last time. Probably the best period of his career. Been really unimpressive any time I've seen him for anyone else. Good to have experienced competition and potentially a good player if we can get him back to his best.
  15. It's only been about a decade and people still struggle with it.
  16. Started the season very well last season, no idea what happened after Christmas that they're shipping him out. Looked at Hibs at one point like he'd be a good player it's just never properly happened. I'm quite confident he will have enough to do well at this level.
  17. If we are already singing "Black and white bastards we don't care" then I don't see why we cannae just change the words to that and the whole issue goes away.
  18. IF it is Gavin Reilly, he's a realistic signing at this level. He's a guy I previously wasn't happy at all being linked with when we were in the Premiership but if he's fit and available he's a good striker at this level. His goal record in the Championship is actually decent other than his season at Dunfermline. Queens Played 34 Scored 12 Queens Played 32 Scored 13 Dunfermline Played 22 Scored 1 St Mirren Played 35 Scored 11 Not one to be blown away by but unless he's gone massively backwards he should do a job here this season. You'd take any decent striker to score more goals for us this season than they have previously in the Championship so there's no reason he shouldn't be around the 15 goal bracket.
  19. These baldy linesman cams are absolutely horrible to watch. Can they not freeze it at HT? It's enough to give you motion sickness.
  20. Thought Stokes looked excellent in the cup games but hasn't been quite so convincing in the league. Murray has impressed every game. Big opportunity for McGowan or Sanders.
  21. Other than Hodson's spell here where he looked half decent he has been pretty bad.
  22. Have we actually been linked with anyone? I've not seen anything at all other than people pulling names out of a hat on this thread.
  23. If you're buying a smartphone specifically to get into the Hamilton game.