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  1. As you can see by my number of posts I do not post very often but I do read these boards every day. I feel I have to reply to mclean 07 as I just can not hold it in any longer.We all know he is an ardent Labour man, is of a certain age and is always reminding us of his mining village background. So hear goes mclean07. I am in my early 50's ( younger than you I think) but did you know that in my lifetime and maybe your's, your beloved Labour Party shut down more pits than the Tories, infact Harold Wilson shut down more than twice the number of pits Maggie Thatcher did, surprised???Even your beloved Blair and Brown managed to shut pits down but more of Brown later. What you do not seem to get is that people like me just want Scottish people & politicians to be in charge of our own destiny and not rely on a bunch of politicians who could not give a damn about Scotland or it's people! if the people of Scotland voted in a Labour,Tory, Lib dem or SNP government in an independent Scotland I could live with the outcome as they would be held accountable by the scottish electorate in future elections and would have nobody to blame but themselves. In my opinion the biggest winners after independence would be Labour, the SNP would probably have a name change, but it would be Scottish politicians hopefully doing what is best for the people of Scotland and not trying to get on the Westminster gravy train etc. Now to your Mr. Brown ( who broke the rule of purdah in the 2014 referendum btw), ask him about his charity and the amount of money he raises for it and how much of it actually goes to charity, very Clintonesk if you ask me!! You can find out yourself if care to look beyond your SNP bad news feeds (and by the way the SNP are far from perfect but people like me see them as a vehicle to independence). I will probably just go back to reading these boards as you are likely to come back with some anti Scotland and it's people quote from the Mail, Times, Guardian, Express etc etc. Sorry about that, rant over and.........mon the killie.

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