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  1. Saw a couple of games yesterday.absolute torture to watch without fans.
  2. Except Dinamo Zagreb home and away in the final.
  3. IMO a future Killie manager.
  4. Have a matchworn top from 62/63 season with the Red no 10 on the back,the clubs strips were made by Alexanders of Paisley at the time,priceless.
  5. That is a feeble excuse IMO.
  6. Has Bowie called a crisis meeting for tonight,if not why not.
  7. SOD not being happy with team-mates seems to be a recurring theme!
  8. When in a hole as our current board are at present. the secret is to stop digging in regard to one stupid decision after another since the summer and start getting a handle on things NOW pronto
  9. The hotel has been an absolute drain on the playing side since the day it was built!
  10. Seeing you are asking I for one think the lack of a game to celebrate the 150th was an absolute disgrace.
  11. As if things were not bad enough,we get this twat!
  12. Dicker would have been better keeping his trap shut!
  13. His current fitness levels would be a massive concern?
  14. Or Neil Warnock,he will sort out the pussy prima donnas.

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