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  1. Now now don’t get political
  2. Miss meeting those sitting around me ,moaning about the players just before they score and being last on Sportscene unless we were playing the Old Firm.and telling Jonathan Sutherland that we should be earlier.
  3. Remember Jones was one of the 11 and he got us woodman as well as longstaff who is being touted for millions
  4. If the club was going to gamble on an inexperienced manager like they have before then I thought Alex Dyer was worth a go as he was part of the Steve Clarke revolution and the transfer of power could have been seamless and the team better prepared for our first foray into Europe in 20 years and Europe we didn’t make it out of the UK we could have played them in the cup Ross County won last year. The board should hang their head in shame for lying to us again and refund the season ticket of anyone who asks for it .
  5. Went to shop yesterday and they were unsure
  6. Was hoping to secure entry before that but thanks for your help
  7. Not being a great user of social media can anyone tell me where I can walk up and buy a ticket with cold hard cash. Thanks
  8. Can be done f***in f***ers f***ed but may I add my guilt to others at using ,under severe provocation, sailor talk
  9. They were in Largs as was talking to them yesterday
  10. Had my cousin there tonight and he enjoyed the fight from killie which has been sadly lacking at his team Sunderland
  11. sammon is a hearts player can't see him playing
  12. Substitution was the right thing to do but booing was definitely wrong give the guy a chance
  13. Osborne was caught out by the pace of the game and was unlucky to be booked . He was losing his composure and the substitution was timely. We need to build his confidence as we gave him for 2 years at least . The young keeper was shaky after 12 minutes but they gave him the ball built his confidence and he played well after this. Osborne will come good with patience and support.
  14. Bossed the defence excellent distribution old head on young shoulders. Hope we can keep him for a long time