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  1. Wish TW would let Scott or whoever is talking to him finish the question. He cuts them off with his answer every time!
  2. Please Killie just sign a striker and put us all out of this misery!
  3. I honestly think if we get a half decent striker the whole team will click into place. For this level we’ve a good starting 11 and pretty strong backups. Our attack just looks a bit limp because the guy leading it is too green and poses no threat. I think we would have looked a lot more dangerous on Saturday if Scotty Robinson hadn’t gone off. We’re a good team - just missing the final piece of the jigsaw.
  4. For me this says a lot about TW and how he’s come in and dealt with the situation. Whilst others pandered he’s cleaned house and sounds like he’s put together a squad that will fight to get us back up. Even more confidence we’ve the right man now.
  5. We might be in the position of beggars can’t be choosers but I really hope it’s not just loans. Even if it were a season long loan we’ve seen what can happen there with Greg Stewart. Wouldn’t like the title challenge to be derailed because we lost our striker back to their parent club and had to scrape around to find another.
  6. We should definitely have more youths coming through but it’s not easy nowadays when the cream of the local lads are being hoovered up by the youth systems of the truly elite teams. Look at Liam Smith for example. Matty Kennedy another one. Chelsea already sniffing round Harvey Gilmour allegedly. We’re left with the also rans unfortunately.
  7. Not sure Kennedy is what we need but good to see there might be some more movement in the market. Hopefully a decent Premiership striker is going to shake loose at some point. Might need to wait until nearer the end of the window though.
  8. He signed some dross as well. Bright Enobakhare. Ndjoli. Jack Byrne. Then guys like McAleny and Tish that did ok but hardly set the heather on fire. He actually signed a fair few. 11 in his full season in charge. 5 the season before after he came in.
  9. Alright we’re only two games in but this stuff is starting to look a bit foolish from the Pars 🤣
  10. I really hope we give him a torrid time. He’ll have a point to prove and I hope we can prove him wrong
  11. Days gone by the majority of our games and the Ayrshire derby itself would have been played out in front of folk from Ayrshire sitting in the ground who would, for the most part, understand the context of these lyrics even if they don’t agree with them. Now we’re on TV and the internet getting broadcast to a whole different audience. It’s a completely different world. Is this the image of the club we want projected around the world? Things change. We need to change with them.
  12. Don’t think anyone is disputing that Stewart is a good player or that he would score goals for us. Just that he’d be more suited to playing in behind a striker. So that means Robinson, Polworth or Alston probably needs to drop out and Cameron or Burrell would still need to play as a striker. So he likely doesn’t suit our squad composition.
  13. Boyd scored 23 in all competitions in 2017/18 when we finished 5th. 22 in 2013/14 when we nearly went down.
  14. As good as Greg Stewart was for us he isn’t an out and out no 9. He was always dropping deep to get the ball and carrying it as well as running in channels. If we want someone to lead the line by himself I’m not sure he’s the man. I think he’s well suited to that 10 role we’ve been playing but we’ve already got Alston, Robinson, Polworth and possibly even McKenzie that can play it. Plus then we’d still need to play Cameron or someone else in front of him. My guess would be TW is after more of a conventional striker than Stewart so I suspect we won’t see him back at RP.
  15. What I like about TW is that he has a system he wants to play and went out and got the players that fit that system. Rather than last season when we had a random bunch of players that you then had to shoehorn into some kind of formation. It’s good to have a proper manager again.