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  1. That’s what I was thinking. If we can get those we are in talks with over the line as well then that’s a solid starting point considering the situation.
  2. There are teams at the top of the Lowland and Highland League much stronger than the bottom of League 2. What’s the point of having a pyramid structure.
  3. New blood isn’t a bad thing. Plus in Brora and Kelty you have two very strong teams while there’s some at the bottom of League 2 who’ve been making up the numbers. Cove Rangers and Edinburgh City (to a certain extent) have been success stories.
  4. Absolutely s**te on Kelty and Brora though. Closed shop mentality. 14-10-10-10 would’ve been better imo.
  5. jazza

    How it ends

    14-10-10-10 for me. No relegations, both Lowland League and Highland League champions up to make up League 2 shortfall.
  6. I wonder who the team without insurance is. I think it’s odd that this would be announced on Monday with the UEFA conference on Tuesday.
  7. Weird game that. For the mid half hour Aberdeen decided to actually play football and thought we were in for hiding. But then they reverted to type and we really should’ve pumped them. I don’t know if Dyer is the man but can’t deny the games are enthralling
  8. I need to see the second goal again but actually thought the keeper was decent. Sharp stop from a quick free kick and was quick with the one on one. Looked comfortable with crosses too which Branescu certainly isn’t. Deserved a point today though. Some save from Marciano from Brophy.
  9. A 7.20 Saturday kick off if we go through.
  10. Just down the road, Peterhead’s game has been abandoned cause of the wind
  11. Goal aside I don’t think we’ve done too badly. 2 stonewallers denied as well.

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