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  1. Isn’t he commentating for audio as well though?
  2. Anyone having trouble getting the stream? Keep getting media won’t load. Using iPad
  3. I’m gonna say no cause he twice tested negative. Plus close contact is being within 2m for 15 mins. That wasn’t the case there.
  4. The crying on Twitter cause we never played opened and expansive football so they could win 5-0 is lovely.
  5. They worked their socks off. A bit backs to the wall 2nd half but can’t fault the effort. Great point!
  6. Ross County away could be a tough one
  7. Firhill is called “Energy Check Stadium at Firhill” Dens Park is called “Kilmac Stadium at Dens Park” And no one calls it those. It will still be called Rugby Park by everyone.
  8. jazza


    I only saw the Saturday show but I thought Kerr and Gordon were a good partnership and there seemed to be more highlights than usual of the games. The results show was absolutely pointless. They weren’t paying attention in the slightest.
  9. Dyer saying Eastwood was subbed off during HT due to a pulled muscle in his leg.
  10. Pinnock said on Twitter he was injured
  11. Is Haunstrup injured as well?

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