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  1. Indeed. Allan Russell for example was teaching Harry Kane how to score not too long ago.
  2. I’ll be honest I completely forgot about this.
  3. Agree with both. Of course we are Killie, what else would we be. Elgin? The only time I see the Rugby Road gates being shut is Ayr games.
  4. Think Oli Shaw would do fine in the Championship imo.
  5. Don’t look like scoring whatsoever.
  6. Look all over the place at the back and got a lucky foul.
  7. Odd free kick to get. Burke in trouble though.
  8. He was before my time but I think the played in that indoor Masters tournament for Killie iirc.
  9. Was underwhelmed with Alston but he’s surprised me so far.
  10. Been excellent since the first goal