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  1. Haha. Is this like when you were trying to tell me that, iphones that don’t work with NHS apps 96% of the time, are no less secure than androids?! Lolz I wasnt saying i wouldnt trust BIll Gates btw, just 20 years ago there was a massive multiyear antitrust lawsuit in which Gates was described as ‘evasive and unresponsive’. He argued over definitions of words such as ‘complete’, ‘concerned’, ‘ask’ and ‘we’; certain portions of the proceeding would later provoke laughter from the judge when shown in court (wikipedia) Microsoft did not invent the web browser, but they were busted bythe US government for abusing their monopoly to crush the little guy (netscape) who did do the innovation and who were in a market leading position on windows. “Microsoft executives had proved time and time again, to be innacrurate, misleading,evasive and transparantly false...Micorosft is a company with an institutional disdain for both the truth and for rules of law that lesser entities must respect. It is also a company whose senior managament is not averse to offering spurious testimony to support spurious defences of its wrongdoing” (Judge Jackson in his summing up of the appeal, United States v Microsoft Corp)
  2. Type ‘antitrust bill gates’ into google and you'll get the answer.
  3. @Fankle I saw that on twitter - didn't realise it had made it to the telly! Apparently the 'joker' who made that up, did the same in the Reading stabbing attack earlier in the week with the same factious Brazilian.
  4. About 38% of Labour voters in Scotland will vote YES going on recent polling. The indy issue, until it's resolved, only highlights the gap between what the Labour leadership say and what their members will actually vote for. Every time they stand up and say, 'No to indyref2' they are turning on 38% of their remaining support in Scotland. If support for YES grows with Brexit, Labour are also chasing an ever dwindling number of NO voters, like they've been doing since 2014, to their own electoral cost .- the Tories will handsomely reward the Labour party financially for backing the union. For 20 odd years the Tory brand was considered 'toxic' in Scotland, now the once proud Labour brand is 'toxic' in Scotland. Will be no Scot Lab comeback until the indy issue is resolved, or something transformative like the 2014 referendum happens.
  5. All the countries that called their leagues also have the worst covid cases. If it wasn't for the English leagues massive amount of cash - even the Championship in England is, I think, the 5th or 6th biggest TV deal in Europe - the top 2 English leagues would have been called too.
  6. I was guilty of reporting fake news to my Dad @gdevoy. If its on the BBC website, you'd expect it to be confirmed and if they get it wrong, to at least remove the wrong articles, or amend them afterward. A lot of people think they're somehow biased in their political reporting, but is equally possible that they might not be good at being journalists.
  7. MS isn't the SNP, he's just a wee guy on twitter. I feel a bit sorry for him at times, I'm sure he's not the only person in the BBC sports department with that sort of political opinion - indy now being backed by 2/3 of males in the 35-54 age bracket. As for holidays and lockdowns, what would I know? I've no holidays planned for this year, I'd maybe like to see my parents for the first time in 6 months before I jetted off, priorities and all that. Seems mighty odd, we've have such a stringent lockdown where I can't get to Stewarton one week, yet a fortnight later, is OK for us all to jet off to Spain, or head anywhere in the UK on holiday? Sounds like an accident waiting to happen, going on how Covid came into the UK in the first place. Would seem more reasonable to have holidays, but 'local' holidays, say within 100 miles for a few months and see how that goes? Then if there is a problem, is more localised and contained. Is different in places like NZ where covid has been basically eradicated. My worry is people think that's the case here, when it really isn't and folk are dying at an appalling rate, even by countries with no formal health systems standards.
  8. Only the attacker died in the Glasgow Hotel thing. The other 'deaths' were falsely reported by the BBC. Even the day after, they still hadn't removed the false reports from their website and were claiming on TV and radio, 'reports said others had died'. A more accurate correction would have been, 'The BBC were reporting here-say as fake news'.
  9. RAG

    PM BoJo

    In terms of who'd do a better job as PM, even #SNPBAD Nicola Sturgeon polls the same as Sunak, or Starmer, across the whole of the UK! 19% each, but 23% think no-one could do better than Boris. I suspect the Tories will stick with Boris - 23% being more than 19%. Besides, he'll get the ERG and 1922 chaps back on board with Brexit.. A survey for i by Redfield & Wilton Strategies interviewed 2,000 people this week about their view of the Covid-19 response. 37 per cent said they approved of the way Mr Johnson has handled the crisis with 44 per cent disapproving, a net rating of -7. In mid-April, around the peak of the epidemic, the Prime Minister had a net rating of +38... Asked which other politicians would have led the UK better than the Prime Minister, 19 per cent name Sir Keir with the same proportion backing Nicola Sturgeon and another 19 per cent preferring Rishi Sunak. 23 per cent said no other current politician would have done a better job. https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/coronavirus-lockdown-boris-johnson-poll-ratings-negative-lockdown-imposed-late-451324
  10. I think the point of that chart is comparing the UK and US' appealing figures with 3rd world, or developing nations, with little or no universal healthcare. Belgium was about 85 per 100,000, highest in the world, but is also significantly smaller in both area and population than all countries in the chart, so is probably considered insignificant on a world level, being almost next door to the low German figures with Germany's population of 80m+. Belgium is also at the very heart of Europe, European Parliament etc, so is different to an Island like ourselves, that's the reason why I drew the 'almost double' Ireland comparison. That said are a few different strains floating about. The UK and US covid-19 strains are different, as is the clearly less deadly German strain. So is a bit of an apples and pears comparison - unless you compare the UK to Ireland. On popularity, apart from Sunak, there's has been a huge drop in all individuals in BoJo's gov's popularity since the Cummings affair - BoJo's especially has fallen off a cliff, hence why he's now resorting to desperate crap like press ups for an audience.
  11. Haha Good spot! A 2020 robotic hoover's probably got about a million times the processing power of a 'UFO' from 1959!! Sounds ridiculous, but an iPhone 11 is about 100,000 times more powerful than the 1969 Apollo 11 computer!
  12. ..are running at nearly DOUBLE the Irish death rate per 100,000 people! (66 vs 36)
  13. Check this out. (Source: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality)
  14. This whole thread makes me glad that the history of English football, actually started in 1992!
  15. Exercising free will is an improvement on voting with your Dad, and his Dad, and his Dads Dad - even if sometimes, you get completely fooled by blustering Boris' baloney & BS!
  16. I was under the impression immigration was a reserved matter for the UK government. Additionally, is farcical to suggest the UK Tory policy is similar to the SNPs, when the Tories are putting up new borders to our nearest 27 neighbours and controlling both their residents, plus our automatic right to live and work in that 500m strong labour market, in favour of an employment market about 1/8 of the size in the UK. That forthcoming reduction in our right to work (and that of our fellow Europeans) is absolutely not the policy of the SNP, it is however the settled will of both the 'big' parties down South. As for voting with your feet, I believe that's why the former Red wall up North, is now almost universally Blue. On racism, I think you'll find, like the other big issues of our time, the biggest dividing line in society is no longer geographical, left or right leanings or economic - it's ones age. I'd cite Independence, Brexit, willingness to vote Tory and (as you're always keen to mention) attitudes to race, as examples for that hypothesis. I only use Killie, Glasgow 2104 and London 2012(!) mugs for my tea, so my apologies for recalling the wording wrong, on what are undeniably less classy mugs than I've got festering away in my sink.
  17. Rolling Stones warn Trump not to use their songs - or face legal action https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-53208593
  18. Sure it tastes even better at 50p a pint too!
  19. Brilliant @Shropshire_killie. It's a small world. I've Never been to Oxford, but I'd like to check it out. 'Very English but also very cosmopolitan' sounds like August in Edinburgh to me and I survived 17 of those no bother!
  20. I like all ales, although I usually go for a Budweiser Budvar as my beer of choice. One the subject of yards of ale, former Aussie PM Bob Hawke once held the world record for necking a yard in 11 seconds, round the corner from where Bill Clinton, 'did not inhale'. Two useless bits of political trivia in one there - I'm off to get a carry out! The Turf was also the watering hole of Oscar Wilde during his time at Oxford, as well as where Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher drank. It was the place, reputedly, where Bill Clinton “did not inhale” from a marijuana joint. However, the version of events laid down by Hawke in his memoirs insists the world record was set not at the Turf but at the nearby dining hall of University College, one of the constituent colleges of Oxford University where Hawke was a student, as an arcane punishment for failing to wear his academic gown to dinner. “Some bastard had ‘borrowed’ mine,” Hawke wrote, and as a punishment he was “sconced”, forced to beat the “sconcemaster” in drinking from a pewter pot – equivalent to a yard glass – or face a fine. “I was too broke for the fine and necessity became the mother of ingestion. I downed the contents of the pot in eleven seconds, left the sconcemaster floundering, and entered the Guinness Book of Records with the fastest time ever recorded. “This feat was to endear me to some of my fellow Australians more than anything else I ever achieved.” https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/jun/14/bob-hawke-could-be-set-for-an-oxford-blue-plaque-for-beer-drinking-record
  21. Ma maws dug's called Stella! Where you going for a night out? South Korea?! I liked Jacob Rees-Moggs wee quip about folk, 'going back to drinking a yard of ale' after lockdown. Challenge accepted Mr JRM. In bevy, 1 yard = 1.4 litres, so even I won't be doing, The whole 9 yards in one sitting!
  22. I prefer to look forward too, though we shouldn't repeat the same mistakes of the past, nor should we do ourselves down as residents of 2020. But the next time Gordon Brown (or whoever) stands up and promises home rule/ devo max, just remember that's been promised multiple times, over multiple generations, for multiple decades and now for well over a century. Is highly probable they will be BS-ing yourself and others who favour Devo Max, with the that well worn, home rule chestnut/porkie pie (delete as applicable).
  23. Labour have been promising home rule/devo max for the last 110 (one hundred and ten) years! They just never get round to actually implanting it in government. The position of Scottish Home Rule before the Great War was very complex. Although the Scottish Liberal Association adopted it as a policy as early as 1888 the most ardent of Scottish Home Rulers were continually disappointed by the failure of the Liberal Party’s leadership to commit to a time frame for introducing legislation. Despite this difficulty Scottish Home Rulers fought an uphill battle to keep the issue before the public through a significant body of pamphlets, journals, letters, and even in motions in the House of Commons. Between the second 1910 election and the Great War, the issue was kept in front of the Scottish Electorate and featured in almost all of the Liberal and Labour candidates’ campaigns during the fourteen by-elections which occurred during the period. https://era.ed.ac.uk/handle/1842/25752
  24. If you think that's bad, wait till you see the news next Sunday! Pubs open on Saturday 4th July in England. Anyone with even half a brain, wouldn't open pubs for the first time in 4 months, on a Saturday of all days. Will be absolute carnage..

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