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  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirrel!
  2. Spot on. There should be no judgement, given everything going on £80 could be a families food bill for a couple of weeks.
  3. Took a few days put after making my post. Thanks all for the supportive comments, great to see that the significant majority of our support are good decent people. Dont know why Saturday was the straw that broke the camels back, it just was. I'll be at rugby park and as many away games as I can make. Like Cathy said out love for killie binds us together. Mon the killie.
  4. I hate that I even need to post this, but given the number of what I consider to be derogatory comments by killie fans over the past few months I dont feel I have a choice. You'll have seen me in the away end. I'm the guy using binoculars and have been for some 17 years but in response to recent comments by OUR supporters at away games; 1) Yes, I am 'that blind'. 2) No, I'm not looking at the players legs. 3) I dont need told 'well done for being at the game'. And so forth.... i'm registered as partially sighted, I cant drive, I have to hold my phone 2 inches from my face to see it- do you need anything more??? I've supported killie since I was 10, (now 37) but i'm tired of having to wash off the above and other comments as banter... i'm really tired of it and i'm starting to wonder why I bother going to away games. Thanks, Graham
  5. We were solid and never really at risk of losing against as poor an aberdeen side as I can remember in years. Larry did well in difficult conditions, SOD badly missed support out wide, niko was a complete passenger (again) power was immense and special call out to Connor Johnson who looked really assured and such a long way from the wee boy at fir park. Sheep are def there for the taking at rugby park.
  6. The pedant in me has to note he made his debut in the dead rubber vs Dundee United- but point well made- he was great that day too.
  7. You need to remember we run at a loss every year, all the unplanned cash keeps our head above water and allowed investment in the stuff listed. We also no longer have access to overdraft facilities, so theres always going to be a need to keep reserves for the years we dont sell players/ have cup runs.
  8. Really???? Emotions are running high right now (understandabley so) but this is so far off the mark. Do you not remember 'the list'?
  9. Wouldn't want him near our club.
  10. Got sevco at home last year and cheated out in the replay.
  11. McKenzie did his hamstring vs St Mirren so not surprised hes out.
  12. He cant, you can only play for two clubs in one season.
  13. They were selling tickets for st mirren straight after the game, dont know why they had the sign up saying 5.30.
  14. I'm still bouncing the from the game, but sorry I'll keep my thoughts quiet on homophobia till we lose a game...

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