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  1. Sorry gentlemen on shifts plus point absolutely nutted for the return
  2. Sorry lack of knowledge from me I tried to give slight credit, just bitter jealousy then I suppose
  3. As this is the players award I believe a lot of the players remember playing Killie pre the current set up and honestly think “I’m as good as him” without acknowledging the players improvement. So they vote for the manager and give less credit to the players as is shown in the votes. A part time old firm player must be better than a consistent maestro based in Ayrshire.
  4. Infamy infamy they’ve all got it infamy
  5. Surely Mr Berntson has already been inducted into the hall of fame
  6. Sorry I don’t know the scores on the doors
  7. Let’s hope he has a good game, good game
  8. Well done Ross seems to be developing style wise similar to SOD. No coincidence I think, The Glorious Leader really know what he wants from a right back and seems to know how to bring it out of a willing player. I wonder why?
  9. Only saw the second half on Alba as working but could’ve voted for almost everyone maybe we should have a team option. Anyhoo plumped for Greg S as with him in the side everyone seems to click
  10. Was working today and only made it home for the second half “as live” on Alba. Felt we totally dominated with everyone playing their part. The attacking players get special mention but the whole team was so well organised and focused. How we didn’t score at least 6 I don’t know but I’ve a feeling it’s coming for a team soon. On the subject of Jones I felt he had an excellent half both going forward and particularly getting back into position defensively an area I think he’s really improving
  11. Feedback from the crowd on the radio made an 11 hour shift with the flu bearable. At one point I thought someone was flicking the light switch on and off just to keep me going
  12. (For Killie) lets not forget the only player to score the winning goal against Brazil for Scotland at any level
  13. Just read this on rangersmedia hilarious First Team 2,311 3,045 posts Gender:Male Location:Drumchapel Posted 3 hours ago Broadfoot trying to rile Alfredo there, hope the c**t goes home and tries to cook some eggs.
  14. I’ve been to a lot of festivals where the disabled area was a raised scaffold platform about two metres high with ramps and a covering for the worst of the weather I think this would be really easy to install and very low cost and easy to maintain plus it would give a decent view of the match
  15. Just got two one for me and one for my ex Scots Guard brother he doesn’t know he’s getting it but that’s what he gets for supporting Liverpool
  16. Birthday weekend and too hungover to make the match thanks to Killie for the best birthday present and the best hangover cure right back on it roll on alba coverage
  17. Stolen without any credit given unless I say to you in a pub and you chin me
  18. Meant to say in competitive matches
  19. SOD blocks certain goal. Looks like he’s stating a good case for serious consideration for a starting slot
  20. Down 1-0 already played ok should’ve had a pen
  21. Big shout out to the fans who attended I was working in Paisley till half six and when the radio cut to the match all I could hear was our fans, stellar work gentlemen take a bow.
  22. Looks a different player under Clarke, just shows the dearth of management talent in Scotland when the team of the establishment couldn’t get the most prolific marksman in modern Scottish football scoring regularly (likewise with our previous incumbents). I think we are witnessing the final flourish of a talent that could have achieved so much more if he hadn’t went to his boyhood heroes and had found the right manager
  23. What a club, what a manager, what a team. Kilmarnock Football Club, the oldest ant still the best. Primes Inter Pares.
  24. They don’t seem to get that it’s “tatties” and only “totties” if you’re of immigrant descent
  25. This for me I work in a workshop which is 90% OF. And this is normal non offensive terminology between them. Meanwhile we are tottie howkers. Don’t hear the huns/tims without the bus fare s**t thankfully although it helps that we’ve skelped both arse cheeks this season

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