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  1. Gentlemen on the issue of Norrie McNeil being Assistant Manager, take a look at these club photographs of that era. Norrie is indicated as being Assistant Manager on both these photographs. I rest my case.
  2. I was the individual who asked about the absence of Norrie McNeil the assistant manager from the list of the team's participants who won the league in 1964/65. I did not accuse BB of any conspiracy. Conspiracy was the word used by the individual to whom the chairman directed the question to take back to his committee. The individual in question assured those attending that there had certainly been no conspiracy related to this oversight. I do wish those in attendance at this meeting today would relate the facts before posting them on this forum. Norrie McNeil was a wonderful servant of Kilmarnock Football Club, and I am sure he would have been manager on WW's departure but for his sudden passing. After all he was WW's personnel appointee to the post of assistant manager.
  3. Sorry lads but I have exhausted my allocation of up votes with this breaking news. What a boost for the club and the town of Kilmarnock.
  4. For all the affection we have for Manuel Pascali, let's respect the participation of the board in this possible appointment of Alessio. To my mind they have recognised from the start, that with the initial retention of the services of AD, he is the anchor to any appointment that they make. In my book a wise decision. Who ever is their choice as manager, there is no doubt in my mind that the services of AD must be recognised and essential to any appointment. Allow the board to finalise their diligence on our behalf.
  5. If this hinted appointment turns out to be true then it would be a case of uttering in our best Italian " molto bene", The media would be all over RP like a rash and the OF would be stuck for an answer in how to get coverage back. A further bonus would be a sudden rush of applications from Ayrshire natives with Italian heritage and it may not surprise you that there are quite a few. Jaconnelli Pieroni,Pediani,Nardini,Bramanti,Biagi,Benedetti,DejAcamo to start with, and I am sure there are lots more that could provide quite a quota for ST sales. Lets see what Monday brings. Arrevederci i
  6. I trust who ever is appointed to follow SC, part of their brief will be to watch this video and understand the relevance of the task that lies before them. Having been a Killie fan since the Malky MacDonald era, with my boyhood hero being a certain Jimmy Middlemass. I would question if we have ever had such a turn around in the club's fortunes, in such a limited period. by such a talented manager. We are perhaps now left to ponder "if only". Still as a result of SC,s tenure we now have restored belief in our club and the town of Kilmarnock. Let us all step up to the plate and support our team and all the officials who contributed to the success of Killie these past two wonderful seasons.
  7. The players on the pitch had to do what was asked, - how very true that was, go back to the first game against Aberdeen when they scored a couple of goals in the first few minutes. Being interviewed by Jonathan Sutherland of the BBC at the end of the game SC was asked if his game plan had not failed when Aberdeen scored these two early goals. His reply was. Don't ask me go and ask my players as they did not play to my instructions. I am sure the players never failed to play to his instructions thereafter.
  8. Regarding Norrie McNeil's position as "Assistant Manager", if you look at all the photographs published of the team and officials in that era, they all designate Norrie as the assistant manager, I can assure you he was, as I was privileged to have Norrie and his family as good friends, If you care to check with Stuart Layburn who appears in such photographs, he will confirm that that Norrie was indeed the assistant manager of the team in that era,
  9. I am of a vintage that I was fortunate enough to actually experience the halcyon days of Willie Waddell and his assistant Norrie McNeil. To me there are similarities with these two individuals and the current pairing of SC & AD. Like SC has the local connection with the Ayrshire area, Norrie McNeil originated from Hurlford and lived in Kilmarnock all his married life. The fly in the ointment was that he had been a stalwart centre half with our arch rivals Ayr United. He was like many other players of that era who had their career as a footballer interrupted by service in the Army during the Second World War. However he served with distinction in The Scottish Command football team. His stature grew with his regular appearances at centre half for them, and perhaps his finest display was against the English Command who had as their centre forward the great Tommy Lawton, A report on that game in the press of that time claimed he never gave Tommy Lawton a kick at the ball. As assistant manager to Willie Waddell it is perhaps not appreciated that it was a part time post,and he continued with his trade as a joiner out with his task as assistant manager at RP, It was Willie Waddell's first appointment as a football manager and Norrie was his choice as his trusted assistant manger. I suppose you could say that Norrie was the AD of that period in the history of Killie.
  10. Once again the utter class of the manager we have. Always listen to SC.
  11. It is an ambitious thought to expect the return of CB to RP for the start of next season. Still anything is possible as they say. When JJ brought him to RP I was at that time living in EK, and was just across the local park from where CB lived .His mother did not have good health, yet she was always at every home game to see him play, and he would always acknowledge her presence at the start and the end of every game. Another factor that may influence any decisions on this prospect is, do remember two of the main players in this possibility are SC and FL, old colleagues from Chelsea's illustrious record under the special one. So as they say anything is possible. If it did happen, season tickets would be flying off the shelf and Killie loyalty would have a new bench mark,
  12. Great music to the ears of Killie supporters.

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