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  1. Fifekfc

    Boyd V Cathro

    Hearing that he's just been given the assistants job at Wolves. The manager there worked with him at Rio Ave and Valencia.
  2. Fifekfc

    Them v Killie fred 14/07/14

    The fact is it doesn't matter what height he is. He could be 7 feet tall but if he can't man mark and track back he is useless.
  3. Fifekfc

    Them v Killie fred 14/07/14

    Frizzel totally at fault for goal. Might be wrong but I think it was him at Motherwell within 3 mins he let his man drop off at a corner and stick one in the back of the net. Don't want to be down on youngsters but if he doesn't wake up he won't even get a game for Hurlford. P. S no disrespect to Hurlford.
  4. Fifekfc

    Jamie Mac

    Alan Combe at his peak. What team was that with? It certainly wasn't Killie.
  5. Fifekfc

    Al Ahly bid for Coulibaly?

    Will the board use it to pay MJ off?
  6. Fifekfc

    Al Ahly bid for Coulibaly?

    Graeme Bailey twitter, Daily record and Scottish sun twitter. 20 mins ago.
  7. Fifekfc

    Next Season

    Heard Sevco and Falkirk were in for Mavila. Falkirk couldn't afford him and Lee Clark persuaded him to come to Killie. Hope my source is correct but he told me Paul Hartley had been offered the managers job before Alan Johnston. He insists that was correct and Hartley turned us down.
  8. Fifekfc

    Next Season

    Nathan Mavila and Sean M cGuire next 2 signings. The revolution begins.
  9. Fifekfc

    2 reasons why we stayed up

    Lee Clark and Miles Addison. The big man has been immense in all the games he has played. Organised the defence and should be given a couple of years at least.

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