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  1. Thought Jamie saved us on 2 or 3 occasions with vital stops today. I'm not a fan of Jamie McDonald generally but immense credit where it is due.
  2. Considering we're giving Aberdeen half the gate after deducting expenses it's no wonder we declare the minimal crowd we can get away with! This is how it has worked for decades.
  3. I'd go further and say that the Hibs corners were excellent. It looked as if they had identified a weakness and had done a lot of practice on the training ground. At one point they actually had two players on McDonald for one of the corners. It's certainly designed to put the wind up a keeper and instil panic which it clearly did at times. It's part and parcel of football and there are techniques to deal with it. Didn't think he was overly fouled other than the normal pushing and shoving at any corner including our own. Although the error was monumental today, you have to concede these th
  4. No one is denying he has great reflexes and can contribute some excellent stops such as at Ibrox, but I was raging at his decision making, firstly, for the stupid pass that led to the penalty (retrieved by a good save) and then nearly throwing it all away again after the equaliser by assuming the ref had seen the small deflection off the Rangers player's boot on the pass back in the last minute of injury time which resulted in the indirect free kick 3 yards out! Still can't believe we kept that out. It is these errors that we need to eliminate to solidify confidence in the defensive unit.
  5. Thanks for reminding me of that memory, absolutely brilliant when we scored. the stand erupted and because of the steep bank ended up something like 8 rows down from where I started. Scary but brilliant at the same time, crowd surfing before it became fashionable!
  6. Nail on head Bullitt. Don't get all this anti Bell stuff as I'm sure he didn't intend to come as a bench warmer. I'm sure there was a plan to ditch McDonald which obviously fell through. Absolutely agree with the comments on the development squad as there is a huge gulf between the end of academy life for the professional youths at under 17's to the next level which is the development squad. These young boys need to play "competitive " games regularly where fixture list apply and can't just be booted out to make room for some fitness workout for our senior players. If those senior players want
  7. Sorry to point out the obvious but he wasn't quoted on Saturday's team sheet, so how do you explain the constant hoof-ball tactics this weekend by O'Donnell and in particular by Captain Gorgeous. Nothing to do with McKenzie directly other than your strong personal dislike for the player. Do you feel the need to have a go at Frizzell, Thomas or Jones for their lack of constructive contribution this weekend.
  8. Just back from the match and couldn't agree more with this. Sammon has no idea on how to lead the line and couldn't trap a bag of cement. Steve Smith must be colour blind as he seemed almost incapable of simply passing 20 yards directly to someone in a blue jersey. WTF was Jamie Mac wearing tonight. Looked like he was wearing training kit as his name wasn't even on his back! Maybe he's not being given any new strips with a view to next season?
  9. Why would you expose yourself to the risk of political/ journalistic suicide going after someone who you are unable to substantiate any evidence of criminal misdemeanour's from. John Barnes has Kilmarnock affiliations but he has never, as far as I'm aware, ever declared he is a Killie Diehard "at all cost" although he does try and talk us up whenever possible. Did he not help chair a recent fan event? If I were him I'd be asking myself " why do I bother"
  10. Sorry but this is a poor comment. If you knew the guy, this is far from the truth.
  11. This was my day. Brings tears to my eyes. This was my wedding day at Costley's Lochgreen Hotel. What a feeling for our very own John Barnes to inform us at the end of the formalities that my favourite player(Bully) not only had scored the winning goal but had stopped the 10 in a row. Boy has it been downhill from then. The executive management from this era has to take some responsibility for our current predicament as to our gross overspending during this period although that does not in any way deflect from the culpable responsibility for the last 10 years of mismanagement by our incumbent c