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  1. Scenario is hibs couldn't get cover. Tried for Griffiths last minute and failed and one other but fell through tonight. If they get something last minute we are in with a shout as our loan window runs on as others have said.
  2. Deal was agreed this morning - hibs have pulled the plug and it's off. Gullan not happy.
  3. Gullan on way to sign, doesn't get on with Jack Ross. Mate is mates with him - hope I'm not being wound up!
  4. Because I put burke in ? Can't post anything on here without negativity. Just trying to get involved.
  5. Bachmann Taylor Ajer Del Fabro O'Donnell Burke (because has there been a better right winger in recent times) Bryson Power Willie Gibson (as a youth he was my favorite so this one's for me) Coulibaly (for the screamers) Prime Connor Sammon That was hard with the fact I tried to keep them still playing
  6. Hibs been given 2k tickets to their game with Motherwell this weekend. Wonder if we will allocate any to A*r. I'd rather it was full of Killie fans tbh.
  7. Bachmann Macpherson Pascali Dindelux Hooky Bryson Eremenko Power Naisy Boyd Stewart Subs Marshall Cocard Sheilds Sammon Mitchell Honourable (or not so) mentions Aimee Koudu Ryan Jarvis Chad Harpur (possibly the smallest GK I've seen) Harvey St Clair Donovan Simmonds
  8. I hold my hands up, my info was wrong. Club managed to keep it well under wraps, fair play. Apologies folks.
  9. He's 100% not injured. Panic over.
  10. We will be lucky to finish 11th at this rate. You can't concede soft goals (in todays case a single goal) when we are so bad going forward. Lee Clarks team of journeymen were better than what we have at this moment in time.
  11. TW no scared to change it, thank god.
  12. Fowler, Millen and Dicker taking the team on Tuesday... Kilmarnock will begin the hunt for a new boss on Monday with Tommy Wright and Stephen Robinson both in the frame. The Rugby Park board will meet to plot a way forward after the weekend dismissal of Alex Dyer who paid the price for a run of eight defeats in their last 11 games. That 3-2 home loss to St Johnstone proved to be the final straw for Killie owner Billy Bowie, who will lead a recruitment process to find a replacement. Ex-Saints boss Wright is understood to be keen on the post and set to be high on the wanted list. Ex-Motherwell boss Robinson is also looking for a quickfire return to the Premiership. Record Sport under-stands the Irishman’s interest in the job has been registered but any appointment would impact his Fir Park severance package. The 46-year-old has still to receive his final pay-off from the Lanarkshire club and under the terms of the financial agreement, he would forgo a portion of his compensation payment if he was to resume employment so soon after quitting his role on New Year’s Eve. It’s also understood that bookies’ favourite and former Livingston boss Gary Holt will not be applying for the post having recently taken up the role as sporting director at Falkirk. The Kilmarnock legend would be a popular appointment among fans but they look set to be disappointed as the 47-year-old is unlikely to be a candidate having twice been interviewed for the job before Steve Clark and Angelo Alessio’s appointments. As the axe fell on Dyer after the defeat to Saints leaves them just five point ahead of bottom club Hamilton, Clevid Dikamona admitted crisis-hit Killie are in big relegation trouble. They will have head of football operations James Fowler, current assistant boss He Who Shall Not Be Named and Gary Dicker in the dugout tomorrow night when they host Celtic. The French defender fears he’ll face another drop nightmare like he did at Hearts last term unless the Rugby Park outfit sort themselves out. Dyer was axed after his team threw away a 2-0 lead and Dikamona says Killie have to halt their slide right now in case Covid KOs the campaign. The stopper was in the Tynecastle squad left stranded in bottom spot when the 2019/20 season was curtailed and he says his team have to stop the rot in case the same thing happens again. Dikamona said: “With the virus, we don’t know. Maybe the season could be shut down. Maybe the government thinks they’ll stop everything. So we need to make sure we are away from the position [bottom] after all games. “I was in this position last season with Hearts and we can’t give up. We still have some points more than the teams behind us, but we need to react right now. “Not tomorrow, not in one week or one month. Right now. To make sure we at least keep the distance from relegation. "Don’t think we’ll be okay next game. Maybe you can think the teams behind you also won’t win, but if we keep doing s**t like we did here [against St Johnstone], we’ll be in danger. “In fact, we are already in danger.” https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/tommy-wright-stephen-robinson-kilmarnock-23418851
  13. For sheer sentiment the semi final vs Falkirk at fir park. Place was rocking and I was only around 10 or 11 at the time, it still is a standout game for the atmosphere. Closely followed by the 2-1 at home to r*ngers to get us to Europe, just everything about that day was amazing and one the will never leave me.
  14. Frustrating performance yesterday however I think its very unfair to describe kabamabas chance as having "7 yards of the goal to aim at" he was only on the park a short time, has barely played and I thought he was desperately unlucky. Their keeper covered the angle well so it was far from an easy chance, also on his "weaker" side.
  15. Its 3k p/w basic mate. No details about the bonuses were given, even more reason that they scoffed at it.
  16. Heard via a friend that works in the recruitment team at Hibs that he was offered 3k p/w from St Mirren, that's when Aberdeen and Hibs pulled out. We would never match 3k and would be crazy to, as much as I rate him.
  17. Shocker aside. We had momentum and should have changed something earlier rather than 1 sub like for like. Should never have dropped 2 points there.
  18. I encourage you to go to the opticians
  19. I don't know how many more times I can take another "we will work hard" or "the lads work hard"
  20. An utterly embarrassing performance. Offered absolutely nothing, looked disorganised and to top it off not even solid at the back. Both manager and players have a lot to answer for after that.
  21. nail on the head. Can't wait for the lads to start playing for him. AA must be laughing looking at us right now.
  22. He did it againsr t R*ngers at home....look how that turned out. Guys out of his depth, I think he has been a fantastic servant and an unbelievable no2 but he is not our leader. He has to go, quick. It is McCulloch all over again, take the SSC times away from it. Guys had plenty time and anyone that says he hasnt is kidding themselves.
  23. This is exactly my thoughts. Well said.
  24. He's not a fraud in the slightest. He's just a guy who wants to do his best but unfortunately for him his inexperience is showing through and the signs have been there since the start of his reign for me. I really really like the guy but I don't want him as manager. If it's true the board are to appoint him, he should be man enough to admit he isn't up to it. Similar mould to mcculloch, without the rangers connection.