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  1. With Cosgrove and Main both out as well it's a sore 1 for them. No doubt they'd still come down here and win though
  2. We didn’t make subs at the end of last season. Why change it
  3. I know whats gonna happen now...
  4. Dreadful game. Aberdeen were terrible, but missing their 2 strikers didn’t help them. Rangers weren’t much better but took their chance. Hagi was atrocious
  5. Probably won't make any difference to us, we hardly made any last season. Hamilton if they could would probably make 11 individual subs as soon as they go 1-0 up. I think it's a bit silly. Clubs have had a pre-season now so shouldn't need that many. Or just make it 4 rather than 5. It's just going to benefit the Old Firm
  6. I'd rather have Chris Martin back playing up front for Scotland. 9 goals in a season for Livvy is OK (3 of them were in 1 game), but he's not international class
  7. Nigel4

    El Makrini

    Decent midfield option. Scores more than Dicker and Power, although he's not the attacking mid that we're crying out for. 1 of those guys who is a 7/10 most weeks
  8. And there is also a TV contract in place. But we can't let these things get in the way of folk having a good moan
  9. Will it not be privilege seats and supporters buses who are allowed in first?
  10. Nigel4


    You shoulda skipped that 1
  11. It was! That's why St. Johnstone overtook Hibs
  12. If we are going to sign players early we'd be better signing guys who can play in a few different positions. Our squad (which was threadbare to begin with) is going to be smaller again next season, so having a few guys that can fill in in 3 or 4 positions have to be a priority. That's why I was surprised that Shug Wilson was allowed to leave, but maybe it was his decision to go rather than the club. There will be guys being released from down south and possibly Europe who would have never normally considered coming up here but will be desperate for a contract so we should be looking as far and wide as possible. And as mentioned above, if the Championship isn't starting until later up here we should be looking for 6 month loans for the best players from there. Dare I even suggest a 6 month loan offer for Dobbie if Queens aren't going to start until January?
  13. Nigel4


    I would, but I don't think we could afford his wages
  14. Should be an announcement made tomorrow thanking Dyer for his service as caretaker manager but we are looking to appoint a permanent manager to plan for next season whenever that will be. Dyer can apply if he wants but has to explain his record
  15. Why should they get colt teams and the rest of us not?

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