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  1. billdescot

    Hibs away, Fred

    Come on Killie !!
  2. Full report on team sports salaries here globalsportssalaries.com Draw your own conclusions from our place in our own wee midden
  3. billdescot

    Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Great prediction
  4. billdescot

    Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    I have VPN but can't find any link to a stream
  5. billdescot

    Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Good luck Killie,keep up the run
  6. billdescot

    Mulumbu/ Eremenko / Durrant/ Burns

    Having watched Killie for more than 60 years I’d say that Eremenko is the best footballer I’ve seen in a Killie shirt. I’ve admired other greats from Andy Kerr and Bertie Black to Kris Boyd and Eremenko is the most skillful player I’ve seen
  7. billdescot

    Youssouf Mulumbu

    If he really is from the DRC then for older fans there is only one possible song Umbongo Umbongo Youseff from the Congo !!
  8. billdescot

    streaming games for expats

    Killie are overdue in offering a streaming option for fans who live abroad or simply can't make that match
  9. billdescot

    Next Manager Thread

    As the late great Tony Soprano said ' it's a business not an effing popularity contest' I don't care who is manager as long as they bring success to Killie Success will generate support not the name on the door
  10. billdescot

    The Lee McCulloch Is Gone Thread

    If he genuinely has jumped rather than been pushed then deserves a bit of credit for that decision
  11. billdescot

    Next Manager Thread

    Suggested Jim Duffy after he gave LC a lesson in tactics when Morton beat us at home at the start of last season but the reaction from some on here was that they'd rather have dysentery
  12. billdescot

    Dundee thread

    Come on Killie !
  13. billdescot

    Motherwell match thread

    All the best Killie
  14. billdescot

    Stream today?

    I know not very likely but does anyone if,and where,game is being streamed today?

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