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  1. I was selling programmes too and never had the sense to keep one for myself!
  2. Thanks. Saw that but didn't see the 150 badge on it. Will have another look
  3. was there ever a commemorative scarf produced for 150th? current scarf is now 25 years old so due a change
  4. Need to get new TV wall mounted and installed and old telly moved to another room. Don’t have satellite tv and not sure if still need old aerial or whether it’s possible just to only use wifi Would appreciate any recommendations for someone to do the job?
  5. Killie rarely allow fans a relaxed last 10 minutes
  6. Larry needs to come off his line more to deal with crosses and control his box
  7. Good luck to him. Hope he does well
  8. We got new flooring and all 6 doors need to be trimmed and rehung Difficult so far to get a company to do the job as probably too small Anyone interested or able to recommend would be appreciated
  9. RIP Joe,a really nice guy
  10. Many years ago,when I,like many others stepped into help a team one of my sons played with,was at a tournament and standing next to a Dutch coach who'd been trained by Coerver. i expressed my admiration of one of his players and said that I thought that he had the potential to go far in the game. He disagreed and told me that,although the boy was good on the ball,he was unable to learn. He said that he'd spent a lot of time trying to get the lad to understand the roles in the team and awareness of field position during a match. And although the boy had been improving technical skills,as they got older,those skills were a given in NL,which would mean he would no longer stand out. He also had an opinion that the best Dutch players of recent years would have been successful in a number of different professions as they had intelligence and drive. Holland as a national team have slipped back recently but it would do no harm to adopt a version their model as it appears their close neighbours Belgium have with great success
  11. I'm almost sure his dad brings a guy in a wheelchair to our home games but maybe the memory is playing tricks I'm sure Conway played with Killie Portland as a young boy and his dad is same bloke who helps disabled fan Long time ago though
  12. A couple of seasons ago , I thought that Snow White must be on the bench for us as there were 7 dwarves on the pitch
  13. My understanding is that KR was removed from her position a CEO some time ago,for issues that may become public in the near future,and resigned from the position of Football Executive. Garry O'Hagan,apparently experienced in similar role with other clubs,has since been appointed interim CEO. i don't agree that there has been a vacuum in the CEO position but does suggest a lack of leadership,or interest,but certainly decisiveness at Board level in recent weeks which has certainly brought the Club down to earth with a bump. Typified by the worst result,against CQN,for many reasons,that I can recall in around 60 years supporting Killie
  14. Possibly our expectations of AA in bringing players to KFC were unrealistic., assuming that he had contacts that would either provide quality youngsters for development under his coaching or experienced veterans that were surplus to their requirements. Even if that is true , AA has not done himself any favours with, particularly with the result against CQN which is probably the worst in my 60 years watching Killie,and an abject lack of ability to inspire

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