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  1. Shug2930

    If ye know yer history

    Excellent. Very impressive
  2. Shug2930

    Tommy Burns

    My favourite person ever associated with Killie. My oldest boy was a year old when he left us to go back to Celtic. My son was in hospital at the time the news came through that Tommy was leaving - what a terrible week that was. His sheer presence and charisma were intoxicating. Like others have said - the Burns era was my favourite time to be a Killie fan. For all his goals v Ayr; the win at Ibrox; staying up at Easter Road etc the image I always get in my head when I think about him was after a game v Dundee Utd in April 94. Our first season in the Premier League and we'd been on a bit of a losing streak towards the end of the season (I think !). The game at Tannadice we needed to win to stay in touch (I think 3 teams might have gone down that year ??). This was just a couple of games before the last day game at Easter Road. Anyway we won 3-1 with 2 goals from Bobby Williamson and 1 from Shaun McSkimming. Tommy didn't play that night but Billy Stark did. At the end of the game I remember he came over to applaud the Killie fans and I remember the look on his face just made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. He was able to generate this sense of being part of something really special ( to be honest Stevie Clarke is doing similar right now). Anyway just a personal memory. The day he died I heard it on the radio driving through Saltcoats. Had to pull the car over. First time I've ever been genuinely upset over the death of someone outside family and close friends - and by then he'd been away from Killie for 14/15 years. Went at night to RP to put down a scarf with my two boys and I struggled with it. Just a genuinely great man.
  3. Shug2930

    Confidemus93 Blog: Neill Collins

    Great read. Liked the dig at Billy Brown
  4. Shug2930

    Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Difficult to argue with any of that. Spot on
  5. Shug2930

    Confidemus93: 1 to 11 with Paska

    Well done Cal. Good stuff. Steven Cree and Pasca are a great start
  6. Shug2930

    gers away, Fred

    Spot on. Never known a manager have as much impact consistently at half time. God knows what he does
  7. Shug2930

    Mulumbu/ Eremenko / Durrant/ Burns

    Mulumbu isn't anywhere near the other 3 yet. And TB is out on his own in terms of impact. Great midfield though !
  8. Shug2930

    Rossco Fred

    We'll disagree then
  9. Shug2930

    Rossco Fred

    At the risk of committing sacrilege I thought we took the foot off the gas when Mulumbu came on. He really slowed the game down and we resorted to keep ball and got caught out. Glad to see Kiltie play. Involved in 1st goal with SOD and a great pass for Simpson for the 2nd. Erwin reverse pass to put in Boydie was Eremenko stuff. Mackenzie ran his legs off today. Maybe not technically gifted but what a worker. Again Clarke had massive impact at halftime. Switched to 4 2 31 at half time after we hadnt had enough of ball in first half and got immediate reward. I haven't a clue who SC will select on Tuesday. For me same back 5 plus Dicker Power Erwin Boyd and McKenzie all play. Leaves either Jones Mulumbu or Kiltie - seems ridiculous to think only 1 of them might play. Whoever he picks I'm totally confident SC will get it right
  10. Shug2930


  11. Shug2930

    Youssouf Mulumbu

    Just back from Aberdeen. Read this. Absolute Quality. KTID
  12. Shug2930

    Youssouf Mulumbu

    Brilliant post Stefanus. My own Dads funeral, also a big Killie fan, was on Tuesday so that added more poignance for me. My condolences for your sad loss. RIP
  13. Shug2930

    Hibs Crowd Thread

    I disagree with you
  14. Shug2930

    Hibees fred

    Correct. Easily the most tactically capable manager I've seen watching Killie over the last 40 years. Heard Radio Scotland pundits saying Mulumbu was played too high up the pitch but he pressed high on their back four and it meant they couldn't get the ball easily to mcginn and mcgeoch and Dicker and Power gradually smothered them. Clarke has had an impact at half time on almost every game weve played in the last few months. I'm learning not to question his selections, tactics and substitutions because he's pretty much always right !! Fantastic time at the moment
  15. Shug2930

    Motherwell away, Fred

    Great performance. I never felt they would equalise. We contained them brilliantly. Clarke is simply an outstanding coach. Thought 3 centre backs was a mistake in the first half but he was right. The longer the game went the more we contained ciftci main and then bowman when he came on. Everyone put in a real shift. Special mention to SOD and Taylor. We're in uncharted territory here. It's fantastic.

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