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  1. The point is he got sacked in 5th, we're bottom.
  2. Eh cos we've been out that league just a couple of years now. We were 3rd wi SC and 5th wi Alessio and it wasn't good enough but bottom with that win rate is magic!? Eddie Morrison would be binned by now, hero or not.
  3. That was our level then though!? It isnt now? Our present run is awful. Our level now should be top 6 not bottom with 4 wins in 20 or something similarly Dyer. Aye much more enjoyable getting humped by big teams we've been regularly beating, wise up, we'll be back playing in that league with this win rate.
  4. Anybody who lived through Eddie Morrison, knows how s**te it was and we are currently in a run that's considerably worse. That in itself tells a story.
  5. Dyer is too soft and needs to demand more from his team, no manager should be happy with a losd. His record is abysmal. The next 4 games are pivotal.
  6. If your players dont impress you enough with a 4-0 win and you start dropping them what message does it send? All managers with a bit of balls say why change a winning team. So we all sit happy watching Kiltie back on the bench and Kabamba heading the ball up into the air again to suit Aberdeen? I disagree, possibly against Celtic or Rangers. McInnes has spent money but is clueless, go there and get into them.
  7. If Dyer changes a team that won 4-0 to suit an average Aberdeen team he deserves all the s**t he gets. It was obvious from the beginning of the season we needed 2 strikers and reverting back to 1 is stupidity.
  8. Sure as s**t they'll put 13 new caps in and still beat us. Not defeatist just typical Scotland.
  9. Doubt he'll do too well this year tbh, definitely not worth busting our transfer budget on.
  10. Dont agree abiut Brophy shooting early. It is his thing and its good. Defenders n goalies love strikers to take a touch. He is a striker, give him it he shoots early before they are settled. Yes he may miss a few lay offs but as a striker you dont care, his job is to shoot, doing it early is not a bad thing.
  11. Aye i think it was early. I also think it was the last game before we signed TB!
  12. We would be nowhere without Bobby Fleeting, granted it went a bit awry but he did what he said he would do for the club. Anybody that went to watch us get stuffed midweek by Berwick at Tynecastle appreciates where he took us from.
  13. Halkett was always going to Hearts, Shankland was out of our price range and Dykes flew under the radar (for most people!) Findlay not been good enough but better than these other diddies on his game.
  14. It is a bit defeatist but its also true that if we hold out at 0-0 until about 60 minutes the undead get upset.