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  1. WWWWnnnnnn!

    sellick away, Fred

    Refs a w****r.
  2. WWWWnnnnnn!

    Leo fasan

    Good shot stopper? Awful shot stopper today. No way MacDonald let all them in.
  3. WWWWnnnnnn!

    Leo fasan

    Forgot he was a goalie today. Get him hunted.
  4. WWWWnnnnnn!

    Hibs away, Fred

    Fasan needs to gtf, Samsonesque. Why aren't we playing MacDonald?
  5. WWWWnnnnnn!

    BBC Alba

    The match will be on Bet365 for expats abroad so it means a link will probably appear somewhere.
  6. WWWWnnnnnn!

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Ok, you're right.
  7. WWWWnnnnnn!

    Incomings and outgoings.

    We have signed Mulumbu n Tshibola, I think we can expect better. Templeton is poor. Schalk would surely have been resigned or be on a pre contract if he was any good.
  8. WWWWnnnnnn!

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Scary thread, glad SSC is at the helm. Shalk n Templeton should be at Ayr.
  9. WWWWnnnnnn!

    Lee McCulloch

    He is a nice big fella. He didn't sign up as manager as he hoped to stay assistant. For some reason we didn't seem inclined to get a main man in so he had no choice, he knew it was a bit early.
  10. WWWWnnnnnn!

    Fleeting/ Moffat

    Good, not one of us 'young' fellas!!
  11. WWWWnnnnnn!

    Fleeting/ Moffat

    Don't remember this but him n Denny Martin stood with us at Cowdenbeath. We were pished but only banter and singing I can remember. One of the boys got a loan of Denny Martin's big camel coat!
  12. WWWWnnnnnn!

    Cammy Bell

    Aye, the club offered him a deal. The club signed him, not Lee.
  13. WWWWnnnnnn!

    Dons match fred

    Erwin, Brophy n Jones should seal it, Boydy will be din.
  14. WWWWnnnnnn!

    Dons match fred

    Bring on the wooooooooooooooooooooollllffff!
  15. WWWWnnnnnn!

    Dons match fred

    I'm glad I cant hear that dribbling auld prick now.

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