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  1. Like ehhh Dan Bachmann when he signed?
  2. That training gear looks utter s**te
  3. Always liked him, I'd take a punt if he's going for free
  4. Hugh Burns and a more recent one in Ryan Kent
  5. Why? Are you pals with him?
  6. Those stats are horrendous I didn't realise it was as bad. Can't defend that at all imo
  7. If Dyer had made top 6 I think we could all have lived with him being appointed. We're not getting it now, unfortunately I still think he'll get the job. Next week is simply must win or we're right back into the relegation fight. What a difference a couple weeks make, Hun result gave us a false sense of where we actually were
  8. As a Killie fan, of course he would
  9. There's no chance he's dropping Dicker. I think Rory might be sacrificed
  10. I got a brick as a present at Xmas there, doubt they'd have been selling them knowing that they were going to be getting rid. I'd imagine they'll be moved to another area. *Mines is behind the wee blue ticket hut and I haven't even seen it yet
  11. Since the disaster that was the 150 strip it'd be an idea to commemorate these with a bespoke strip

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