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  1. All the Wine

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Brophy looked guff with Hamilton.
  2. I was a Jones critic I admit, always knew something was there but never felt he gave us enough. I still think he should score more and his final ball or decision making is horrendous at times but f**k me we've not had an exciting a player as him for years. His first half performance against St Johnstone in the midweek game a few month back was possibly the best 45 minutes I've seen from a player in a killie shirt. We probably miss him more than anyone else when he's not there, we don't have a replacement
  3. All the Wine

    Pre Season plans ?

    I was debating the Blackburn game with folk the other week. It was claimed it was Mike Newell who scored the hat trick but I was certain it was Shearer too @seedsy
  4. All the Wine

    Goal of the Season

    Boyd for me too
  5. All the Wine


    I get the horrible feeling he'll do a Paul Mcstay and just be there for life and never fulfil his potential.
  6. All the Wine

    That's all for now foks

    Dundee game was incredible, one of the best games at RP for many a season
  7. All the Wine

    Scott Hutchison - Frightened Rabbit

    I've listened to nothing but them/him today (always liked the Owl John album) . Kind of scrutinising every lyric even more. So sad we'll never hear these songs live again he really was an incredible talent. Some of the live performances on YouTube are brilliant to watch
  8. All the Wine

    50p per unit

    There's a certain medical body suggesting it should be 70p due to inflation. Wales looking at 60p. Bit nanny state bulls**t if you as me. Tripling the price of frosty jacks isn't a solution
  9. All the Wine


    I think he'll get better and could be a stick out spl player.
  10. All the Wine

    Boydy for player of the year

    'been brilliant'? Really? Anytime I've seen him he's been hopeless. Had a decent wee run at the start of the season but that's about it. Plenty hun fans I know would agree. Ajer, Souttar and Taylor all more deserving imo but it's the players that pick.
  11. All the Wine

    Lee McCulloch punting Alex Neil or Steve Clarke for Rangers

    From what I've heard recently, mculloch is pretty gash as a pundit
  12. All the Wine

    George Green

    Especially relating to the daily mail.
  13. All the Wine

    Fasan your Seatbelts

    This thread just an excuse to use that pun?
  14. All the Wine

    George Green

    Bully for you
  15. All the Wine

    Sheep home, Fred

    Fasan went down in installments

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