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  1. If it has to be that Jamie leaves, he's been a good servant, and we thank him for his efforts. This keeper looks to have good pedigree. Been a while since we had a goalie born in the SFYR!
  2. Doesn't look especially savage, expected to be reading worse going by the article title. Not everyone takes to everyone's methods I suppose.
  3. steve101

    Osman Sow

    @Help I think the majority of our fans are disappointed he's went out on loan as we'd like to see him pushing for a place in our starting 11. On a personal level, I wish him well though. Naturally gifted, great finisher, I'll be keeping an eye on how he gets on at Dunfermline.
  4. So we're net 0 for the night. Not exactly additions but will need to see how it goes I guess.
  5. Lights on at stadium, hopefully for a photo call of new signing (s)
  6. Good luck Greg. A highly likeable guy who I hope reaches his undoubted potential.
  7. I think AA's high standards are clear to see. It comes across as though he's turning his nose up at the usual journey men and wants quality in the positions he's trying to fill. Nonetheless, time is marching on, so hopefully some decent movement soon.
  8. The 3-0 Mixu one if I remember right, the pitch was brutal, and a few Killie fans got thrown out by the police, for no apparent reason.
  9. Of course there are action points required now, e.g. repairs to the roof on the disabled section they destroyed, these idiots will spin anything to look as though they are angels. Just like their antics in Manchester. Everyone else's fault except theirs.
  10. Which, if any, of our development players including Cameron, do you think are most likely to impress upon the first team this season?
  11. Agreed. Pasca would have been a better choice for me than Donati.
  12. Was like the McCulloch performance against Ayr. Similar group of players, no idea how to use them properly.
  13. Of the players are not wanting to buy into the new style of tactics, they should remember who pays their wages, the fans. I'm pretty sure between them they could have been professional enough to win this match. Bad finishing in the first half cost us. We also did not seem to carry the same energy as we did last season. Also felt the extra centre mid was a problem for how dicker and power usually operate. Kiltie, or Thomas, despite a lacklustre performance last week, should have started instead.
  14. 6/4 now on SkyBet not that it means anything.
  15. Wish him well. If anyone can sort the national team out it's him. He's handled the situation with great integrity as with everything else he has done for us.
  16. If he does go, I'm not sure this will be his first and last stint as Kilmarnock manager, I think he will be our manager again some day. We obviously need to respect his attraction to a challenge. What he has left or leaves in place at killie is a raft of positivity and with a continuation of that I think we will be ok. Still hope the info and story is premature.
  17. Voted McKenzie. His contribution is so important in most games he plays in. Often unnoticed, and his set plays are much better this year.
  18. It looks/ed more like smoke than fog.
  19. Seemed to be affecting me yesterday at work and on 4g data. Both connections via Vodafone. Fine today.
  20. Snow is calming down a bit again.
  21. Yes we did. Kilmarnock 1 Rangers 0 - Pascali, under Shiels. The "People from Kilmarnock should support Kilmarnock" game. First home win vs them since 1994.
  22. We coped fine last year without Stewart just like we cope this year without Mulimbu. The reality is, for any player who isn't a killie fan, there are other Scottish clubs who are a bigger draw. Might be that Stewart feels he has unfinished business at Aberdeen. We move on.
  23. Anyone able to recommend decent places to park for this one?
  24. Keep til end of season. I'm reminded of the Dundee Utd situation a few years ago, when they sold Armstrong and GMS. Taylor plays best with JJ in front of him, would rather keep that going til end of season, and re-assess after JJ (probably) leaves.
  25. Felt second half we missed what Tish was offering in the first half, and he's been doing that well since returning, him running out of steam and being subbed, I think, affected our style of play. Back to it next week.

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