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  1. rm0199

    How it ends

    I’m just waiting to see what happens as soon as a player or official from an English team catches the virus when it is decided they start back - what’s going to happen then? Surprised the PFA have not been more vocal about their player safety concerns - I have seen bits kicking about, but nothing too extensive in this regard (unless I have missed other bits which is possible). Playing with people’s lives....
  2. rm0199

    How it ends

    This is the crux of it for me. If football players (and sports more generally) get testing before our front line staff, our moral compass as a country is shot to pieces.
  3. rm0199

    How it ends

    This is spot on in my opinion. Football is making it up as it goes along. If you listen to any of the press updates going on, it is highly unlikely we are going to go back to any semblance of normality before the end of the year (likely way beyond this too), with social distancing a key part of what goes on until then. Forget fans, thats a no go any time soon. Even behind closed door games, can you imagine the government allowing players close to each other in training let alone in matches? Every player would need to be tested and it proven that they do not have the virus. Dare I say it, I would much rather our front line services get access to the tests needed. There are also many others more needing of these test before football, which lets be fair, in the grand scheme of things, is not that important (and not needed like other services). In my opinion, football authorities should simply keep up to date with developments, but make no decisions until they have a better idea of when things may start to open up again and what this may look like - trying to pre-empt just seems silly at this stage.
  4. Having just watched the highlights again, I am led to wonder what schooling was like back in the day when McInnes was growing up, claiming that the ball hit the defender on the back. His definition of back is very different to the one I have...
  5. Just watched the highlights, no idea why(!) - the last two goals look even worse when watching them back. Still cannot believe Findlay dived in the way he did - absolutely criminal. And Johnson - why is he trying to head that?! They will both probably be thinking the same today. Hopefully they both learn - that is all they can do now!
  6. What did he do? Couldn’t see from the Frank Beattie Stand.
  7. Stuart Findlay has been brilliant for us, but I have absolutely no idea why he thought it a good idea to make that challenge. That was a classic example of inexperience.
  8. To clarify, I never singled Rory out - someone else did and I responded with my opinions on it. I agree he wasn’t the most influential player overall and I think the stats will back you / us up on that. But he was still very important - and I think you can be that without being the most influential overall.
  9. That was a quick look through the last 10 games from last season. I didn’t need / want to go any further back. He may have won MOTM more times across the whole season - I didn’t look. He was a crucial player and the fact Steve Clarke continued to play him said so. No more evidence is needed in my opinion.
  10. Only won man of the match on here 3 out of the last 10 or so matches and on a couple of occasions as sponsors man of the match. He played a huge amount of games as well. Don’t like him, fine, but to say he wasn’t a crucial player in our success last season is disrespectful to the work he put in.
  11. Sorry, what a lot of codswallop. The players and manager cost us the European place. Even last week when the players had superb support they were poor and we were lucky to win. Only one man has had pass marks for me across both games and that is Chris Burke. The rest have been really poor.
  12. Nothing to do with Steve Clarke really, was simply making the point that he was a mainstay in a team a matter of months ago that got us to third in the table and was seen as one of our key players for much of that time - he can't be that bad a player!
  13. 3. We don't have to worry about the group stages of the League Cup....
  14. The same Rory McKenzie that became a key player in Steve Clarkes team a matter of months ago?
  15. For me, a lot of people are missing the point here. People knew that not everyone was going to get a ticket. People never disputed that. People also know that the majority of guys on the supporters buses are season ticket holders and travel to away games. The problem is, that rather than all season ticket holders being given an equal shot of tickets via a ballot or similar (which should be one of the perks of putting your money where your mouth is upfront every season), the club have created a system which rates some more entitled than others. Simply because of how they have travelled to away games. I am really uneasy at that and it has created the divide we have. Creating fairness and transparency wasn’t hard here. Until such times as we have a points system in place, easiest solution, which has been done by many clubs for many years - season ticket holders indicate they would like to be considered for a ticket, they provide all of their bank details etc. then a draw takes place and they are sent a ticket or collect it if successful. The club takes the money at this stage. If they don't then want it (unlikely in this case) or do not collect / ask for it to be sent by a certain deadline, their ticket goes back into the pot for reallocation. If people are on the reserve list they are informed of this after the original draw has taken place so they have a rough idea of whether or not they might get a ticket if someone drops out. Takes a bit of organising and time, but fundamentally not hard. Of the options selected, this is by far the worst in my opinion. I should point out, I have absolutely no chance of getting a ticket and I am not a season ticket holder etc. It doesn’t affect me either way. I’m just pissed off for those it does affect as the way chosen isn’t right in my opinion.

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