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  1. Are you f**kin serious? How about breathing is that OK? If you were joking put a happy face at the end. If you were not joking, see a psychiatrist!
  2. Great comeback to get the away point. Well done guys.
  3. One good thing about the 8 hour time difference between here and Killie is more weekend to savour a Killie win. Recently got back from a visit to Killie and saw the win against Hibs at RP and enjoyed the game and a . Fantastic pies.
  4. Levein is lost. He sounded like a guy that doesn't know what to do next and looking to place the blame anywhere but at himself. No balls? Now that was funny.
  5. Did anyone else play today except Aberdeen v Hibs? Blah blah blah.
  6. Clean un-cluttered support no matter where in the world we are for our home team without bigotry or filth from the past, and only pride that whatever we achieve or not, we are Killie. WE ARE KILLIE TIL WE DIE.
  7. Very sad but too close to the truth to argue.
  8. Must have been great to be there today. Very proud of ma hame team THE KILLIE.
  9. YES!!! Well done Killie!
  11. From the BBC Match report. "Anyone who predicted how this match would unfold was wrong. It was utterly fabulous, and got better and better. A 90 minutes you simply didn't want to end."
  12. Well done Killie from 50' above my house in California. Talk about an emotional roller coaster.
  13. Madera, California but grew up in Bellfield. KTID